Flourless Thousand – Layer Spice Cake from Euforia

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Euforia on Foodzie

Product Description:

euforia™ original flavors are created from spice blends representing the tantalizing flavors of the spice islands. This flourless version will take you to the same heights of euphoria as its flour counterpart.

What I Think:

As I mentioned in yesterday’s announcement about my Foodzie box arriving, this is something I’ve had my eye on since I first noticed it on the homepage of Foodzie under the “new products.”  And, this picture is no deception, there really are that many thin layers to this cake.  (But it doesn’t come with the berries and mint leaves)  I marvel at how painstakingly thin each of these layers are and how long it must have taken to perfect this art – because these little cake slices are indeed works of art!

The cake that I received (I actually received two but don’t tell on me!) is a flourless cake, and to be honest, I am not really missing the flour.  Even though this cake is small and these layers are thin, it’s BIG on flavor.  The cake tastes a bit like a rich, moist buttery pound cake, while the spices are gentle yet effective.  It is a spice blend, I believe, because there are no real distinctive spices coming out and smacking my palate.  I do taste subtle notes of cinnamon, but I like that the spices are subtle enough not to overwhelm the rich, buttery notes of the cake while still strong enough to be tasted.  It is a delicate yet decadent treat!

My Final Thoughts:

These really are delicious, so delicious that I am contemplating ordering more!  With its beautiful and complex appearance, these would make great tea-time treats (and for me, any time is tea time!)  I recommend tasting them with a good Keemun tea like this one as the natural spice tones in the tea will add emphasis on the spice flavors in the cake.  If you serve these to guests you’re sure to make them feel special!

  1. Robin says:

    I could not disagree with you more. This is the first thing I’ve received in all of my tasting boxes (3) that I have not liked. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate it, but I found that it had a weird texture that I just could not get past and the flavor was not enough to compensate.

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