Horseradish-Dill Mustard from SchoolHouse Kitchen

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Product Description:

Our mustards contain a smooth creamy base that is unique and inviting. Take your pick from one that is a bit sweeter or one with a bit more kick. Our mustards are superb as rubs for roasting and grilling all kinds of fish, meat, sausages, poultry, and vegetables. Make your sandwiches extra-special, or add in as a base for salad dressings or your favorite potato salad. Try our mustards as ready-made dips for chicken tenders, mini sausages, egg rolls, pretzels, cheese, and vegetables. Like all SchoolHouse Kitchen products, our mustards are made without the use of additives or unnatural preservatives.

Wendy nudged Patsy. Patsy kicked it into gear and, after ages in the kitchen, she created an outstanding mustard with real flair and real kick! Bringing more spice than our first mustard, we have added horseradish to maintain the heat and dill to deliver a calming finish.

What I think:

Whenever I think of mustard, I think of my grampa.  He would have told you himself that he wasn’t much into gourmet food (although, my gramma was one heck of a cook, but she was more about comfort food than fancy-smancy recipes).  But one thing that he did have a great appreciation for was mustard.  He liked good mustard.  And he would have LOVED this mustard.

I tried this mustard two ways:  first, I sampled it as a spread on my turkey sandwich; and then I used it in a recipe (the same recipe that was provided to us in our Foodzie tasting box).

For my first sampling, I went simple and made a turkey sandwich and used this instead of my usual mustard.  And while my turkey sandwiches are usually pretty tasty, this mustard took the sandwich to a whole other level.   It never tasted as good as it did with this mustard!

Despite the horseradish in this, it isn’t super spicy.  It does provide a palate-pleasing heat, but I didn’t find it to be particularly hot.  I’ve tried other brands of horseradish mustard in the past; in comparison, this is very mild.  I barely felt the “horseradish effect” in my sinuses.  And while normally that is something that I want from horseradish – I’m not disappointed.  Quite the opposite – I’m very impressed with this mustard.

It’s actually very nicely balanced.  The texture is surprisingly smooth and creamy, and it has a well-rounded flavor.  The dill gives it a little tangy zip.  The horseradish comes in with it’s distinctive flavor and a mellow, pleasurable kick.  There is a hint of sweetness to this mustard too – it is a very pleasing contrast of flavors in one jar.  This really is a delicious mustard.

My less-than-attractive but still very yummy palmiers

For my second sampling, I thawed some puff pastry and made the Savory Mustard Palmiers from the recipe that was included in my tasting box.  Mine didn’t look nearly as good as the ones in the picture on the card, but then, I’m neither a baker nor a photographer.  I did alter the recipe just a bit – I didn’t use as much mustard as the recipe called for … mostly because I wanted a little bit for my sandwich.  But, I figured a thin slather of mustard would be enough to give me a good idea of what the mustard tasted like – and whether or not I needed to actually procure some of the mustard so that I can make these again.

When used in this recipe, the horseradish mellows a little bit.  The unique flavor of the dill pops out and comes to life.  Savory and even mildly sweet, with a slow and steady spicy note.  I can see why this recipe won the Foodzie Tasting Panel contest – it showcases the flavor of the mustard so perfectly.  My whole family enjoyed them!  These are so tasty – I’d eat these for dessert!

My Final Thoughts:

Best.  Mustard.  Ever.  Your hot dog never had it this good!  My grandfather would definitely approve.

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