Baconalia at Denny’s

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Restaurant Review
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I forgot my camera ... I hope Denny's doesn't mind that I used their picture.

I love bacon.  Yep.  There, I said it.  I know I’m not alone in my love for bacon though, since Denny’s decided to celebrate the long lost holiday of Baconalia.  So, you know, I just had to stop by and try something off of their special Baconalia menu…

Location:  10428 SE Stark Street in Portland, OR

Order:  Maple Bacon Sundae ($2.99)

What I Think:

Yes, I actually did order more than just a sundae.  I had dinner too.  But, rather than talk about the dinner, I am just going to focus on the sundae.  Denny’s is… well, it’s Denny’s.  Need I say more?

But this sundae is something else.  I had recently watched an episode of Unwrapped on Bacon, and I drooled when they talked about that bacon ice cream.  I’ve tried chocolate covered bacon, bacon flavored tea … hey, I’ve even tried chocolate covered bacon tea.  But, bacon with ice cream was something I had yet to try … but definitely wanted to. Since I am miles away from The Woodside Farm Creamery in Delaware, a Maple Bacon Sundae from Denny’s was my closest opportunity to try bacon and ice cream.

This sundae is a bacon-lover’s bliss. The union of the sweet, creamy ice cream and the salty bacon is such a lovely contrast of flavors for the palate.

The bacon is REAL bacon.  Not artificial bacon bits.  This is real, crispy, bite size pieces of bacon.  Not little tiny crumbles… pieces big enough that you can taste them.  The vanilla ice cream used in the sundae is at just the right temperature.  Now, forgive me for getting excited about the temperature of the ice cream, but too often when I have ice cream, it is too cold and hard.  So, when it’s right – It makes me smile.

My only real problem with this sundae was the maple-flavored syrup.  I suspect this is nothing more than the syrup given alongside a stack of pancakes.  And I don’t really like that stuff.  That being said, when served along with smooth and creamy ice cream and bacon, it isn’t that bad.

My Final Thoughts:

If you love bacon, you really need to try this.

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