Lemon & Mint Crackers from O Pair

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  O Pair on Foodzie

Product Description:

Bees and hummingbirds find lemon & mint irresistible and so will you. Fresh, bright, refreshing and cool; this one is definitely all about summer. A true sunny basket of taste!

O Perfectly Paired :: We use fresh-from-the-garden mint for a zest that complements floral and fruit notes in a crisp, elegant Sauvignon Blanc; an intense Chenin Blanc; or an aromatic Gewürztraminer. A real stunner of a cookie: our tasters finished these off in one go!

What I Think:

In a word:  YUM!  Of course, one word makes for a very short review, and really tells you very little about these delectable crackers that I can’t seem to stop popping into my mouth.  So in between bites I will try to convey my thoughts about these delightful snacks.

If you’ve tried any of the crackers from O Pair, you’ll recognize their base taste and texture.  They start with a shortbread type dough that tastes rich and buttery, but not overly sweet.  When baked this dough makes for a lightly crisp, flaky “cracker” that reminds me more of a shortbread cookie than a cracker.  It is the savory ingredients added that make these more like a cracker.

Except in this case.  With the combination of lemon and mint, these are much more like a delicately sweet shortbread cookie.  The lemon lends a hint of tartness to the cookie, and the hint of mint offers a refreshing note that seems to rescue the palate from being bombarded with too much buttery goodness (if there is such a thing!)

As I said when I reviewed O Pair’s amazing Blue Cheese & Fig crackers, I am not much on wine, so I didn’t pair these Lemon & Mint crackers with wine, but with tea!  (I must say that these crackers would make a delightful tea-time treat at your next tea party)  For these delicious cookie/cracker/delicious-bite-size-treats, I decided to brew a cup of one of my very favorite teas:  Harney & Son’s Indian Nimbu.

And this pairing is perfect with these crackers.  The crackers not only compliment the lemon-y tones of the tea, but also help to bring out the caramel-y flavor as well.  The muscatel notes of the Darjeeling come through brilliantly.

Oh, yes, I can see myself ordering more of these!

My Final Thoughts:

A deliciously sweet yet savory cracker that is a little more like a cookie than a cracker with these ingredients.  However, as these are a little lighter on the sweetening than the typical shortbread cookie, they do not come off as cloying or too sweet.  Another excellent offering from this company on Foodzie that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!

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