Just like the months previous since I’ve started subscribing to the Foodzie tasting box, I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my box and even feeling a little jealous reading on Foodzie’s Facebook page that others had received and begun enjoying this month’s offerings.  I kept telling myself that my patience would be rewarded – and I was absolutely correct on that account.  What a delicious bounty of samples!

This month’s box contained:  Pine-4-Pineapple Fruit Snacks from Peeled Snacks, Roasted Seaweed Snack from SeaSnax, Traditional Alfajores from Sabores del Sur (La Cocina), Two different flavors of Biscotti from Biscotti Bari, Two different flavors of Herb Sea Salts from Woody’s Gourmet, and Pure Southern Iced Tea Bag from Pluff Iced Tea.

Also included in my box was a recipe card for the Sea Salt blends as well as the Map Card.  The map card gives a brief description of each item and shows from which part of the country each item came.  Here’s scans of both sides of the card:


I am so excited to try these items.  I must admit that I’ve previously tried (and reviewed) the Pluff Iced Tea, but all of the other goodies are new to me.  I will be writing a separate review for each item as I taste them, except for the Pluff Iced Tea, since I already wrote one for it.

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