Authentic Almond Biscotti from Biscotti Bari

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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In my Foodzie Tasting Box for May, I received two pieces of biscotti (what’s the plural for biscotti?):  Authentic Almond flavor and Lemon Poppyseed flavor.  Here, I will talk a little bit about the Authentic Almond Biscotti …

Where to Buy:  Biscotti Bari on Foodzie

Product Description:

Our Authentic Almond Biscotti are loaded with whole, toasted almonds grown in our family’s orchards located in California’s Central Valley. We think our biscotti has a perfectly tender crunch due to just a touch of Bari Olive Oil, which is grown & processed in Dinuba, California. Authentic Almond Biscotti is our best seller and everyone’s favorite flavor!

What I Think:

I haven’t eaten a whole lot of biscotti in my life, but, I’ve had a fair share.  And while I have enjoyed them, I can’t really think of any that I liked so much that I would purchase on a regular basis … until now.

This biscotti is amazing.  There are huge chunks of almond baked right into the crunchy biscotti.   Not almond essence.  Not almond flavoring.  But real, crunchy, nutty pieces of sweet almonds (which are grown in the baker’s orchard!)

But it isn’t just the pieces of almond that make this biscotti wonderful.  Its the texture.  It isn’t hard as a brick.  The texture is what I would call “light” – even though it has a biscotti “crunch” to it, it isn’t that heavy, hard crunchy texture that is often found in biscotti.  The inside is crispy yet tender.  You don’t have to soak it in your hot beverage of choice for two full minutes to arrive at an edible state.

It’s actually tender enough to bite into without dipping it in anything, but, still manages to hold up and not fall apart if you do decide to take it for a dip.  Today I chose to dip it in tea (well, anytime I have biscotti, I choose to dip it in tea).  This Yunnan Gold, to be exact.  The deep malty flavor and light peppery background brought out the natural sweetness of the almonds.  It was a delicious pairing.

I think what is most astonishing to me about this biscotti is that it doesn’t need a chocolate coating to be tasty.  It is so good that it doesn’t need to be embellished.  Perfect, just the way it is.

My Final Thoughts:

Delicious and satisfying!  This biscotti is a sweet treat, but not overwhelmingly sweet.  It makes a perfect breakfast when served alongside a cup of hot tea.  I definitely will be ordering more of these!  They are fantastic!

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