Pluff Iced Tea – Sun Tea Style

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Pluff Iced Tea on Foodzie

Product Description:

Rich Black Tea, Naturally Sweet!

Tea Grade: Pure Broken Orange Pekoe. Batch Notes: Bright and Brisk,
Citrusy Notes, Rich Character, Naturally Sweet (no sugar required). Dark tones blend well with light sugar for the ultimate sweet iced tea. Geography: Single estate tea- mountain grown in rich, tropical soils that are known to produce the world’s finest iced tea. Origin: India.

What I Think:

I hadn’t planned on writing a review about the Pluff tea pouch I received in my May tasting box since I had already tasted and reviewed this tea on the SororiTea Sisters blog; however, since I decided to brew my pouch of this in the sun (Sun Tea!) I decided it was worth a mention here, especially since I wanted to try this as a sun tea when I wrote the aforementioned review.

So, what do I think?  I think that these pouches were made for sun tea brewing!  To be honest with you, buying more of these pouches was something I probably would not have considered when I first tried it, not because it wasn’t tasty – it’s a tasty tea – but, as a tea reviewer, I’ve tasted so many teas (and have so many more teas to taste) that I only re-order teas that really stand out as exceptional to me, and this tea is not exceptional.  It’s good, but there are a lot of good teas out there.

But, that was before I tried this as a sun tea, and as a sun tea, this is really good.  Exceptional?  I don’t know.  It could just be the simplicity with which I was able to brew the sun tea using these pouches talking here.  Brewing sun tea with loose leaf is a little messy, and these pouches deliver the flavor of a good quality loose leaf tea without that mess.  There was still some room in the pouch for the leave to expand after the brewing process was complete, which means they had plenty of room to do their thing (that’s important!)

The proof is in the flavor, though, and this tastes pretty good.  It has a bright, brisk flavor without bitterness, and a very pleasant natural flavor (you needn’t add sugar to this unless you like sweet tea).  Overall, this is a great option for those who like to brew sun tea and have not yet come to embrace loose leaf tea, but have come to realize that the options in the grocery store leave a bit to be desired.

My Final Thoughts:

These tea pouches make a tasty batch of iced tea.  I prefer it as a sun tea over boiled water brewing.  I don’t know if I will reorder it, but, if the occasion calls for me needing to make a lot of tea and I don’t want the mess of loose leaf, I just might.

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