Miso Chocolate Brownie from Kyotofu

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Kyotofu on Foodzie

Price:  $28. for a gift-box of of 12 mini-cupcake size brownies

Product Description:

Awarded “Best Meals Worldwide” – USA TODAY, these Japanese style brownies blend rich Valrhona chocolate with a hint of buttery miso. A must-have for any chocolate lover!

What I Think:

I was very happy that this brownie was included in this month’s tasting box, I have been drooling over this particular Foodzie shop for a while now – they’ve some scrumptious-looking Matcha goodies in their shop that I must try sometime soon.

But this brownie is not something I probably would have considered ordering, so I am glad that they chose to send it in the Foodzie tasting box, because for me, that’s what it’s all about!  Trying something a little bit different!

And this is a bit different.  The brownie is very dense with an interesting texture.  I don’t have an ingredient list, so I don’t know exactly what it is that is providing this texture, but I would describe it as a coconut-flake kind of texture.  It doesn’t taste like coconut, though.

The chocolate flavor is incredibly rich.  Sweet with just a hint of bitter, just like you’d expect a deep, dark chocolate to taste.  There is a buttery tone to the brownie as well, and that buttery flavor is especially profound in the aftertaste.

This brownie is truly unique from other brownies I’ve tasted (and I’ve had my fair share of brownies in my lifetime).  It isn’t a cake-like brownie, it is a bit more dense and rich than that type of brownie.  And it isn’t a gooey, fudge-y brownie, either.  It is somewhere in between, kind of like a chocolate truffle!

My biggest complaint is not with the brownie itself, which is uniquely delicious, but in the packaging of the sample that I received in the Foodzie tasting box.  There is absolutely no ingredient information on the packaging, nor on the website.  While the only known food allergy that I have is of aspartame and I highly doubt they’d put artificial sweetener in a brownie like this, other people have more serious food allergies and I think it is important to include an ingredient list.

My Final Thoughts:

While I did enjoy this brownie, I don’t know that it is one that I’d order this again.  This was yummy, though.  Nothing unpleasant at all about it, I just prefer the ooey-gooey fudge-y brownies.  But it was certainly a pleasure to try this different take on a classic dessert treat.

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