Apricot Pecan Biscotti from Biscotti Bari

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Biscotti Bari on Foodzie

Price:  $8.00 for a 5.29-ounce package (there are about 20 smaller sized biscotti in each package)

Product Description:

Our Apricot Pecan Biscotti are loaded with dried apricots grown in Hollister, California by B & R Farms and farm fresh pecans from Chico, California. Our Apricot Pecan Biscotti are favored for their browned-butter flavor & nutty crunch…and of course, all those apricots!

What I Think:

I think that in the past two months, I’ve eaten more biscotti than I have my entire life prior to receiving my tasting box for May.  But, I’m not complaining, especially since the biscotti that I’ve been eating is from Biscotti Bari!

This Apricot Pecan Biscotti reminds me a bit of a cookie my gramma used to make:  a tender, buttery dough that encased a dollop of homemade apricot filling, and then topped with a crunchy, toasted almond.   She didn’t make these very often because they were a little more labor-intensive than say, a batch of chocolate chip cookies (and she also only made them in the summer when the apricots were plentiful on her apricot tree in the backyard); so when she did make them, they were a real treat.

This flavors of this biscotti are very reminiscent of the flavors of those cookies.  The apricots are very plentiful in the biscotti, and they are sweet and delicious.  If I were to offer any complaint about the biscotti at all, it would be that the apricot is just a little too dry – and this makes the chewy, dry apricot a little tough to bite into.  The “cookie” part of the biscotti is delectable!  Buttery and sweet, and filled with crunchy pecans, and just like the other biscotti I’ve tried from Biscotti Bari, the cookie isn’t as hard as a store-bought piece of biscotti.

And of course, you’ve got to have some hot tea when you eat biscotti – and I chose to pair this biscotti with a cup of Om Chai from Shanti Tea.  This is a fairly mellow chai – not strongly spiced – and made a perfect accompaniment with the sweet flavors of the biscotti.

My Final Thoughts:

I finished these off quickly, and they taste so good (and deliver fond memories) that I know I will be wanting to order them again and again!   These are fabulous!

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