Orange Cranberry Cookies from Cougar Mountain Baking Company

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Whole Foods Market
and where Cougar Mountain Products are sold

Product Information:

Ingredients:  Unbleached wheat flour, brown sugar, sugar, butter, dried cranberries, canola oil, eggs, orange juice, skim milk, orange extract, baking soda, salt, vanilla.

For more information about Cougar Mountain Baking Company, visit their website.

What I Think:

I found this cookie at my local Whole Foods on my most recent visit, and it called out to me.  Perhaps it is just my longing of autumn that made this particular cookie so appealing to me.  It could have just been that I was hungry and when I saw the cookie my tummy growled, begging me to grab that cookie!

And I’m glad I did, it is very yummy.  I like the texture of this one.  It is soft, but it isn’t too soft (although, I do like the very soft cookies too!).  It has a firm texture to it without being crunchy or hard.  As I eat the cookie, it feels substantial and wholesome – while at the same time being a treat.

The two flavors of orange and cranberry really come through.  They are a well-balanced set of flavors – it doesn’t taste more orange than cranberry or the other way around.  The dried cranberries are chewy and enhance the overall texture of the cookie, while the orange flavor tastes bright and sunny!

I also like that these are locally made (based in Seattle, but, there is also a satellite bakery in Portland), and reasonably priced – around a dollar for one large cookie!  YUM!

My Final Thoughts:

A yummy cookie that tastes good!  I look forward to seeking out their other flavors!  Goes great with tea, too!

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