Smoked Bacon & Fresh Sage Herb Sea Salt from Woody’s Gourmet

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Woody’s Gourmet on Foodzie

Price:  $9.99

Product Description:

Who loves bacon? Who puts REAL BACON in sea salt? The aromatic essence of our smoked bacon and fresh sage sea salt will grab you, but the flavor will shake you – in a comforting way. Our proprietary method of Wet Infusion™ blends essential oils from fresh ingredients with sea salt. This smoked bacon sea salt redefines your meals and the way you incorporate bacon. Can you get your fill?

What I Think:

After having such great success with the other sea salt blends from Woody’s Gourmet that I’ve tried, I was really eager to try the one that intrigued me most:  Smoked Bacon & Fresh Sage!

The salt in the bottle looks just like the salt in the picture above, there are LOTS of small chunks of real bacon in there!  And I just love how it accents a burger.  It’s also excellent on baked or grilled chicken breasts as well as roasted potatoes.

The bacon flavor is a bit more subtle than I expected and that I wanted … at least, at first.  But, as I became more acquainted with this salt blend I liked the lighter bacon flavor.  As it is, the bacon and sage are nicely balanced, and these two flavorings really enhance each other nicely, and bring a deliciously savory note to just about anything.  I say “just about anything” because I didn’t really care for this on fish.  I prepared a fillet of tillapia with this, and the fish just ended up tasting like salt.  Too much salt.  The natural flavor of the tillapia together with the savory, salty taste of the bacon and the sea salt… was just too much.  But, other than that one mishap, I have really enjoyed my taste adventures with this salt blend.

My Final Thoughts:

Woody’s Gourmet has quickly become my favorite source for seasonings.  I love that the herbs that they use in these blends are all fresh.  It really makes a difference!

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