Artisan Fleur de Sel & Peanut Brittle from Morning Glory

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Morning Glory Confections on Foodzie

Price:  $10.00 for a 5 ounce box

Product Description:

Morning Glory’s Fleur de Sel & Peanut Brittle takes the salty-sweet notes of classic peanut brittle and elevates it to the sublime with the use of the finest French sea salt available.

Taster’s Review:

Some of you may remember my reviews of Morning Glory Confections’ New Mexico Chili & Pumpkin Seed Brittle and Chai Tea & Cashew Brittle.  I really enjoyed those two flavors of brittle, so I was very happy for the opportunity given to me by my July Tasting Box to try another.

The first thing I notice about this brittle is that it LOADED with peanuts.  It snaps crisply when bitten into, and is very crunchy – just like you’d expect from a peanut brittle.  In fact, this has all the makings of a classic peanut brittle – not one of those grocery store types of peanut brittle, but the good stuff that gramma would make.  Crunchy and sweet peanut-y deliciousness.

What’s really different here is the sea salt, and I love the difference it brings to this brittle.  I really love salted caramel – and this takes the idea of that salted caramel to another level by going “peanut brittle.”  Most peanut brittles can become rather cloying to the point of adumbrating the flavor of the nuts; however, with this brittle the sea salt cuts through the sweetness of the candy just enough so that doesn’t happen.  Instead, I can enjoy the sweetness while also tasting the peanuts.  How delightful.

My Final Thoughts:

Another great brittle from Morning Glory Confections.  I highly recommend this as well as the other flavors that I’ve tried.  But be warned:  this brittle is addicting.  I finished the box before I finished this article!  YUMMY!

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