Fennel Pollen Shorties Shortbread Cookies from Botanical Bakery

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Botanical Bakery on Foodzie

Price:  $5.99 for 3.5 ounce package

Product Description:

Nature’s Hidden Treasure. From something so deeply anchored and strongly rooted comes the most intoxicating secret ingredient. Fennel’s tiny sunshine blossoms hold a treasure so mysterious and elusive. It is Fennel Pollen. This enchanting gold dust nods slightly to honey and licorice. It is a rare find and worthy of all praise.

What I Think:

I’m actually really quite disappointed in myself that I held off trying these for so long.  These are AWESOME!  One of the best shortbread cookies I’ve ever tasted.

The texture is delicately crisp and light.  So tender and flaky – it melts in my mouth!  So buttery and delicious.

But the real surprise about these cookies is not how amazing the shortbread flavor and texture is, but the fennel pollen.  Before trying these tiny cookies, I had never even heard of “fennel pollen” as an ingredient … I mean, I’ve heard of fennel, of course.  And I’ve heard of pollen.  But given my seasonal allergies, I never considered pollen to be anything more than an annoyance to my sinuses and of course, the essential role it plays in germination.  I didn’t ever really consider it an ingredient.

And it is a most wonderful ingredient!  As the above description suggests, it is slightly honey-like.  It has a very subtle licorice tone to it.  Sweet and deliciously savory.  Everything about these cookies is delicate:  from the light texture to the sweet, buttery taste, and the hint of honey and licorice.  But what an impact they make!

I recommend trying these with a good black tea.  I chose Broken Leaf from Gorreana and it was a perfect choice.  The light sweetness of the cookie brought out some of the elusive honey-like tones in the tea that I missed when I first reviewed the tea.

My Final Thoughts:

I am so happy that these little cookie gems were in my tasting box for July.  I might never had tried them otherwise… and these are definitely worth trying.  But be warned, after trying them, you may find yourself craving them!

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