Rosemary Simple Squares

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Simple Squares on Foodzie

Price:  $29.99 for a package of 12 squares

Product Description:

Simple Squares are nut and honey confections infused with vanilla and herbs. Take one nibble and you will immediately taste the sweet honey followed by hints of herbs and coconut. It’s truly a unique flavor.

What I Think:

When I received these “Simple Squares” in my Foodzie Tasting Box for August (I received two) I was really unsure about them.  They were a product I had not yet heard of.  Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to open the Rosemary Simple Square.

And you know what?  This is yummy.  I really didn’t think I’d like it.  But, I am finding it difficult to stop eating it!  The ingredient list is simple:

Organic Cashews, Organic Almonds, Organic Honey, Unsweetened Coconut, Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt

These six ingredients are apparently simply put into a bowl (along with rosemary), mixed to incorporate the ingredients equally, and then shaped into bars.  They are not baked or cooked in any way.  They are raw.  They are simple… and they are simply delicious.

Because it is a raw bar, each of the ingredients can be tasted, and each ingredient contributes its own uniqueness to this bar.  I like the contrast of the sweet, salty and savory.  The rosemary gives a sort of woody, resinous note to the bar.  The coconut offers its distinctive texture.  This is – put simply – a nutty bar that is slightly crunchy and chewy, sweet yet savory.

My Final Thoughts:

I didn’t really think I’d go nuts for this nut bar, but, I really enjoyed it.  I was very happily surprised.  But will that inspire me to buy these?  Probably not, because at $2.49 per bar, I find them to be a bit out of my price range.  Delicious, but a bit too expensive for my taste.

  1. karen says:

    I liked these a lot, too.
    Looking at the ingredient list, however, I could easily make these myself. No way I would pay that price per bar.
    I preferred the non-rosemary one that they sent, so I’ll probably try to replicate that one.

  2. Anne Downen says:

    Hi Karen: thanks for the comment. You know… I thought the exact same thing while I was eating this. I thought, ok, this is tasty, but I could probably make these myself without too much trouble… I just couldn’t see paying so much for them.

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