Cardamom Shorties Shortbread Cookies from Botanical Bakery

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Botanical Bakery on Foodzie

Price:  $5.99 for 3.5 ounce package

Product Description:

The Queen of Spices. She is everything you would want in a Queen: strong, bold, warm, and intense, though not bitter. Known to be a good cure for weakness, cardamom is also said to be balancing. Some ancient cultures even used cardamom in their romantic endeavors as an aphrodisiac. Her scent, unmistakable, lingers in the air like something you’re meant to pay attention to.

What I Think:

I have fallen completely in love with Botanical Bakery.  These shortbread cookies are so delicious.

These Cardamom Shorties have just the right touch of cardamom – it is not too overpowering, nor is it overwhelmed by the sweet, buttery taste of the shortbread.  The result is a shortbread cookie that is lightly crunchy, buttery and flaky, sweet and warm with spice.  They have a very exotic appeal to them.

The Botanical Bakery suggests pairing these with a spiced Chai, and I agree.  I brewed a cup of BioChai from Hampstead Tea and the combination is spectacular.

My Final Thoughts:

I don’t know what else I can say; I love these shorties!

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