Gravenstein Apple Juice from Nana Mae’s Organics

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Where to Buy:  Nana Mae’s Organics on Foodzie

Price:  $28.00 for four 32-ounce bottles

Product Description:

With their distinctive harmony of sweet and tart, juicy and crisp, Nana Mae’s Grav. Juice suspends this short season for you. Treat yourself to this apple’s lovely flavor profile in a Spritzer or Marinade today.

What I Think:

I feel that I should start this review by stating that I’ve never (at least not to my knowledge) tried a Gravenstein apple.  On my last visit to Whole Foods, I looked for Gravenstein apples because I thought that we would be receiving a sampling of this juice in this month’s Foodzie Tasting Box, and I wanted to become acquainted with this mysterious apple.  And while the selection of apples this time of year at Whole Foods is vast, there were no Gravenstein apples.

So I shall have to review this juice without feeling very qualified to judge it on its merits as a juice from Gravenstein apples, and instead, judge it as an apple juice (and I have had several different varieties of apples in my life, my favorite is the Honeycrisp apple).

Wow!  TART!  But it is sweet too.  It starts out with a powerful punch of tartness, and eventually the wave of tartness subsides and a sweetness emerges, as if it had always been there, just waiting in the shadows of its rather strong counterpart.  It is an incredibly flavorful apple juice – certainly NOT that sickly sweet apple juice you can find in your local grocery store.

Having no prior experience with Gravenstein apples, I really had no idea of what to expect with this juice.  I really enjoyed what I tasted, but, as I am not a big fan of tartness, this is not a product I see myself purchasing in the future.  It was delicious, and I like that its only ingredient was apples – no sugar or sweeteners of any kind.  I like that it’s organic.  But I can’t help but wish it were a little less tart.

My Final Thoughts:

I am not that incredibly fond of tartness, I must confess.  Yes, I am enjoying this apple juice, but, I can’t see myself rushing out to buy this juice, nor can I see myself seeking out Gravenstein apples to try one now that I’ve tasted the juice.  I think I’ll stick with Honeycrisp.

  1. Karen says:

    this made for wonderful smoothies, but I couldn’t stomach it on its own.

  2. Anne Downen says:

    I am glad to hear that someone else found it as difficult to drink as I did. But the smoothie idea is brilliant!

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