And what an awesome box it is! 

I have discussed the changes made at Foodzie, and I was disappointed at first.  But I think that I’m coming around to the changes.  First of all, even though I didn’t want the “choice” at first, I like that there are three boxes to choose from.  The hardest part is deciding which box to select.

Also something I’ve noticed starting in February, you can find out what products are in each box, not just the theme of the box.  If you really want to know, you can simply scroll down on the description of each box to find a list of what to expect in each box.  I personally like that, because it helps with the decision.  For example, had I known that there was Bloody Mary mix in last month’s “Breakfast in Bed” box, I would have steered clear of it.  I’m just not a Bloody Mary (or any kind of alcoholic kind of drink for that matter) kind of person.  By the same token, had I realized that there was TEA in this “Jump Start Your New Year” box, that would have made it a very easy, instantaneous choice for me!

This box contains a whopping EIGHT items in it, including a sample size package of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Kelapo, two sample size packages of “Somersaults” snacks from Somersault Snack Co., a granola bar from 18 Rabbits, Kale Crunch Snacks from Alive & Radiant, Sun-Ripened Pu’er Tea from Five Mountains, Chocolate (YES, CHOCOLATE!) from Madécasse, and Almonds from Stackhouse Orchards.

Seriously, this is MY kind of box.

So, OK, I’m not the biggest fan of Pu-erh.  Truth be told, it’s my least favorite type of tea, but, I am slowly coming around and beginning to acquire a taste for it.  But it IS a tea company with which I am not familiar, and as a tea reviewer, that’s something that interests me, and that interest outweighs my apprehension about Pu-erh.

Also included in the box is the “theme card,” and it explains the theme of “Jump Start Your New Year” like this:

Practically every day, someone asks us:  How do you eat food for a living and not weigh a ton?  The truth is we get just as excited about a kale salad (we’re sharing our favorite recipe on the blog this month) as an artisan chocolate bar.  We love all good food, not just the sweet stuff.  In fact, after a holiday season of indulgence, we actively crave healthier foods, but we’re still not willing to sacrifice on flavor.  We’ve selected a few of our favorite foods that nourish the body as well as the soul, and allow you to kick your new year into gear.  Whether it’s some protein-y pick-me-ups, chocolate rich in both flavor and antioxidants, deceptively decadent snack chips or a cup of therapeutic tea, you won’t even notice that these treats are both good and good for you.

I know that I’m terribly behind on posting my reviews from the Breakfast in Bed box (I still have to publish the review the butterscotch candy from the Stocking Stuffer box!)  So maybe this box is just what I need to “Jump Start” on my blogging!  Ha!

I look forward to trying these yummy goodies, and sharing my thoughts with you!

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