Medium Amber Syrup from Crown Maple Syrup

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Product Description:

Aromas bring to mind the sights and smells of late fall and early winter. Our Medium Amber organic maple syrup has aromas of gingerbread and roasted chestnut. Flavors of rye, toffee, freshly roasted and ground coffee.

Learn more about Crown Maple Syrup on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

I recommend adding this syrup to your next cup of Chai!  I added it to the Original Masala Chai from Yogic Chai in lieu of honey or sugar, and it added a really interesting dimension to the cup.

What I Think:

For the purposes of this review, I whipped up a batch of Hazelnut Pancakes.  I love the way this syrup accents the rich, nutty flavor of the pancakes.

The flavor of this syrup is rich and complex.  It has a warm taste to it, like the warm flavors that I crave during the autumn months.

It is sweet, of course, but, I find it to be a pleasant sweetness that is complemented by its warm, toasty, nutty background of flavors.  I taste maple … but I taste so much more with this syrup.  It’s quite remarkable; a very memorable maple syrup.

My Final Thoughts:

Very good maple syrup; one of the best that I’ve tried.  I love the complexity of it.  It makes a wonderful pancake topper, and it’s also quite nice on biscuits.

  1. H.i.P., I’m glad you enjoyed the syrup. I’ve had the privilege to be at their farm, production facility and kitchen as their photographer to witness first-hand Crown’s whole process. From tree-tapping to plate, it was an extraordinary journey in high-tech processing and organic purity. I’ve sampled all of Crown’s syrups and I can’t say I have a favorite as they all have their own amazing character. Stay well… DV

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