Cheeky Cherry Chocolate Granola Bar from 18 Rabbits

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Product Description:

Intensely satisfying with bits of smooth, rich, organic chocolate to balance tart Bing cherries and sweet cranberries. Our Gracious Granola base adds pecans, almonds and coconut for a wholesome indulgence as delicious as it is nutritious.

Learn more about 18 Rabbits on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

Since I ate this for breakfast, I drank a robust Assam with it.  I recommend this amazing Malty Assam from the Tao of Tea.

What I Think:

Until now, I’ve thought that there were two types of granola bars:  the crunchy granola bar and the chewy granola bar.  But this granola bar belongs in its own category.  It isn’t “crunchy,” but reminds me of a crunchy granola bar in that it is hard to bite into, in fact, it’s harder to bite into than a typical crunchy granola bar.  It is “chewy,” but, as I have already mentioned, it isn’t as soft and easy to bite into as a typical chewy granola bar.  This bar requires some jaw strength to eat!

Once I do bite into it, the flavors are quite nice.  Big chunks of chocolate, deliciously sweet and juicy cherries, and a little tartness from the cranberries.  The coconut in the bar gives it a nice sweetness and a pleasant texture.  The bar is tasty:  lots of nutty, oat-y goodness!

This bar is not as sweet as I expected it to be, it actually tastes healthy … which is why I suspect it was in the “Jump Start” tasting box.  Most granola bars available at the grocery store taste more like candy bars with some oats and nuts added to make parents think that they’re a healthy choice for their kids.

And I do feel satisfied after finishing the bar.  This is the kind of bar you’d want to take with you on a hiking trip because one bar is enough to satiate hunger and provide that much needed energy boost.  It doesn’t taste like its all simple sugars that will quickly break down and not provide that sustaining energy that is needed to keep going.

My Final Thoughts

I personally prefer my granola bars to be a little easier to bite into.  I found this hard texture at the start to be a little off-putting.  I think these would be better if they were offered as small, bite size snacks rather than a bar, so that they could be popped into the mouth and then enjoyed.  Once I got past that initial bite to break off a piece of the bar, it was very enjoyable.

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