Sahagún Almond Bergamot

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Product Review
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Product Description:

Ingredients:  Bolivian Chocolate 68% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla), Almonds, Bergamont Peel (peel, sugar, glucose), Feuilletine (wheat flour, sugar, anhydrous milk fat, whey powder, salt, barley malt flour, sodium hydrogen carbonate), salt.

Made locally in Portland.

Where to Buy:  The Meadow

Tea Suggestion:

I recommend trying this with a smooth, delicious Ceylon like Bon Matin from Téanzo 1856.  The rich, well-rounded flavor of the tea accentuates the sweet notes of the chocolate, and bring the bergamot tones into focus.

What I Think:

On the package of this small chocolate bar, it says “best understood by tasting,” and I agree.  This is one of the most unique chocolate bars I’ve ever tasted.

The rich chocolate is dark but at 68% it isn’t too dark.  It is sweet with minimal bitterness to it … just enough to keep it from being too sweet.  It has a tender snap to it.

The almonds are crushed to very small bits, resembling “crispies” more than almonds, and giving the bar not only a nice crunchy texture, but a delicious nutty flavor.  The candied bergamot peel adds a chewy element to the bar, and just the right amount of tanginess.

Because of the size of the almond and bergamot peel bits, every component of this bar is evenly distributed throughout the confection.  Every bite is absolutely delicious, from start to finish.

If ever there were a perfect chocolate candy bar, this would have to be it.

My Final Thoughts:

Right now, all I can think of is when I can visit The Meadow again and get another bar!  That was the most delicious chocolate bar I’ve ever eaten in my life … and I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate in my time!

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