Styrian Pumpkin Seeds from CB’s Nuts

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Product Description:

photo from Foodzie – click on the photo to go there!

Styrian pumpkin seeds are the kings of the pumpkin seed world for flavor. These seeds have a rich, nutty flavor and are hulless so you get straight to the good stuff. CB’s is one of the few domestic growers, so they don’t come with a heavy carbon footprint to get to you.

Learn more about CB’s Nuts on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

With this delicious, slightly salty snack, I wanted a refreshing glass of iced tea.  This Cold Brew Mango Green Tea from Culinary Teas is perfect – the sweet, fruity goodness of the tea complimented the rich, nutty flavor of the pumpkin seeds very well.

What I Think:

I have tried pumpkin seeds from CB’s Nuts before, so I figured these would be more of the same.  Whoa!  Was I in for a big surprise!  Sure, those pumpkin seeds from October 2011’s Tasting Box were pretty amazing, but these are so much better … there just really is no comparison.

What makes these so different from all the other pumpkin seeds out there?  Well, first of all, these are hull-less.  Sure, pumpkin seeds hulls are usually edible, but they are still fibrous, and let’s face it, if faced with the choice between eating the hull of a pumpkin seed and the nut of the pumpkin seed, which are you going to choose?  The nut, of course!

These Styrian Pumpkin Seeds have no hulls on them, so there is nothing between me and that rich, delicious nutty flavor.  These seeds are a little bit crunchy, very tender, and so incredibly yummy.  They are lightly salted with sea salt – just enough salt to enhance the natural flavors of the seeds – and really that’s all that’s needed because these taste so good that you don’t need anything extra.

My Final Thoughts:

More, please!

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