Peppermint Mints from VerMints

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Foodzie, Product Review
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Product Description:

Ingredients:  Organic crystalized cane juice, organic tapioca syrup, natural peppermint oil, organic mint leaves, organic Vermont maple syrup, agar, gum tragacanth, Vermont Pure® Spring water

Learn more about VerMints on their website.

What I Think:

My tin of these mints that I received in the March tasting box is nearly gone, so I figured I should get busy and write about it before I’ve nothing left to write about!

I’ve actually tried the Chai flavored VerMints before.  My local Whole Foods carries a few of the VerMints varieties, but, I can never bring myself to order any other flavor than the Chai (It’s always all about the tea!) so I’m really quite glad that Foodzie sent these in the Ski Lodge box so that I could try them!  They are really quite good … perhaps some of the best peppermint flavored mints I’ve tried.

When I open the tin, immediately, they look different from other mints.  I can actually SEE bits of real peppermint leaf in the mint.  These aren’t just made with peppermint extract, they’re made with the real thing!  In addition, it’s sweetened with maple syrup and cane juice instead of corn syrup. And these are differences that really make a difference that I can taste!

My Final Thoughts:

VerMints means business!  They aren’t your ordinary breath mints.  And I really like that.  These mints are awesome.  I guess the next time I’m in Whole Foods, I’ll pick up not just the Chai pastilles but also the Peppermint breath mints, too!

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