Riverview Restaurant

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Restaurant Review
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I know, I know!  I’m really behind on my restaurant reviews!  I am grateful, however, that I do take notes, otherwise, some of these reviews would never end up getting written. 

The Riverview Restaurant is another LivingSocial discovery … and if LivingSocial offered another voucher for this place, I’d snap it up in a second!  This is definitely one of my two favorite restaurants in the Portland area (taking over the #2 spot that was previously held by il piatto … which, sadly, has closed since my last visit)

Photo from Riverview Restaurant website, click on the photo to go there.

Location:  29311 SE Stark Street in Troutdale, OR

Order:   We started our meal with a side Caesar Salad ($5) and an order of Won Ton Shumai ($6).  I ordered the Elk Tri-Tip ($29) and my husband ordered the Seafood Tower ($21).

What I Think:

As I mentioned in my introduction, the Riverview has – based on this one visit – become my favorite restaurant in the Portland area.  First of all, the drive from Vancouver to Troutdale is lovely, especially the last 15 minutes or so of it.  The Riverview restaurant is located within the splendorous wooded area just outside of the city of Troutdale, and sits right on the banks of the river.  It is GORGEOUS out there!

The inside of the restaurant is almost as picturesque as the exterior surroundings.  It looks a bit like a upscale ski lodge (or at least what I’d imagine an upscale ski lodge to be like, as I’ve never been skiing!) with fireplaces and breathtaking vaulted ceilings.  In the center of the restaurant there is a grand piano (and yes, there was live music as we dined).

My husband chose the Caesar salad to start  – it was crisp and delicious, and the dressing tasted very fresh (no bottled dressings here).  I selected the Won Ton Shumai.  It was gently spiced and was very tender.  The sauce reduction added just the right touch of sweetness and a hint of spice that complimented the shumai filling quite nicely.

My husband really enjoyed his Seafood Tower – the shrimp was perfectly cooked, and the cod was breaded in a delicious coconut breading.  It was mild and savory, with just the right amount of sweet contrast from the coconut.

But really, the star of the evening was the elk.  I think my husband wished he would have ordered this after he tried mine.  It was perfectly medium rare, and so tender it melted in my mouth.  The meat was exquisitely rich.  When the plate first arrived, the tri-tip steak seemed a little small, however, with as satisfyingly rich as the meat was, the smaller sized turned out to be more than enough, and even though I enjoyed every delicious bite of it, I don’t think I could have eaten another bite of it by the time I was finished.

The elk was served with tiny fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus spears – both were delicious and perfectly executed as well.  The potatoes were buttery and soft and the asparagus had just a little bit of char on it to give it that delicious grilled flavor and was tender-crisp, which gave a nice texture contrast to the fluffy potatoes and melt-in-your-mouth-tender elk steak.

My Final Thoughts:

If you have the chance to go to Riverview Restaurant – GO!  Yes, it may be a bit on the pricy side, and this is certainly not a place I could afford to visit on a regular basis (we’re talking once a year if I’m lucky).  But, the food is outstanding, the atmosphere is beautifully comforting and the service is excellent.  It’s worth the price even if that means I can only go once a year!

Riverview Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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