Cacciatore Salami from Olympic Provisions

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Foodzie, Product Review

Product Information:

Cacciatore (Kah-chuh-TOR-aye) is the classic Italian hunter’s salami with caraway, coriander, dried red chili & black pepper.

Tea Suggestion:

I ate this sausage with some refreshing iced tea.  Last night when I made iced tea, I decided to cold-brew some Earl Grey Tea from Culinary Teas.   This delicious citrus-y tones mellow out a little bit when they’re chilled, giving this tea a very smooth taste with a lovely tangy note from the bergamot.  I thought it went quite nicely with the bold flavors of the salami, refreshing the palate as I ate.

What I Think:

This salami from Olympic Provisions represents a first for me:  it’s the first time I’ve received a meat product in my Foodzie box (at least, to my recollection).  It’s also the first time I can recall ever trying a charcuterie.

I was a little freaked out by the appearance of the salami when I first tore into the package, because it’s covered in a white mold.  But I wasn’t too concerned because on the rare occasion that I purchase a salami or summer sausage, I peel them and I figured that the white stuff would peel off with the casing.  But… this casing doesn’t peel very easily at all.

I then did a little research on the Olympic Provisions website, specifically on their FAQ page, and learned that the casings can be eaten… even the white stuff (called Penicillim from which the antibotic Penicillin is derived) can be consumed safely … unless you’re allergic to penicillin, I guess.

It’s still a little scary, but, I decided to taste the salami after cutting off the Penicillim and casing first, and was happily surprised by what I tasted.  Good!  Really, really good.  Even though it is hard, I found the meat to be succulent and a little sweet, while the spices provided a deliciously spicy kick.  It reminds me of something my father might enjoy (he’s a hunter, and some of my fondest food memories with my father included meat jerky and sausages).

After these initial tastings, I decided to go bold and taste a sliver of the casing with the mold.  And this too is quite good.  It doesn’t taste foul or wrong or anything else that I thought it might.

My Final Thoughts:

This was probably the one item in my Portland box that I was least excited about, but it turned out to be quite tasty.  Definitely something I’d eat again if I were offered it, and may be even something I’d seek out the next time I’m at New Seasons Market.

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