The “Some Like it Hot” Tasting Box

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Foodzie

I just couldn’t resist this Foodzie box.  I do love to take a walk on the hot side, and there were just so many uniquely spicy items that I had to check out this box.  And now that it’s here, I am really impressed by it. 

This month’s box includes two different Mango Fruit Leather selections from Heat Sweets, Muruku Crispy Noodles from SCL Marketing (a local company … well, fairly local, it’s in Albany, Oregon), Chile de Arbol Powder from Whole Spice, Chile Crunch from Chile Colonial, Jalapeno Chips from Deano’s Jalapenos, and Sultry Sauce from Torchbearer Sauce.  An awesome selection.

Just a couple of side thoughts/wishes on my part, I think they should have included Secret Aardvark sauce (made in Portland, of course) … it is my absolute FAVORITE hot sauce.  It has replaced Tabasco sauce in my pantry.

Other wishes for this box include chocolate (I do love spicy chocolate!) and some tea would be nice too, there are a lot of spicy teas out there that could have been appropriate for this theme!

But these wishes aside, I am very impressed with this box and its inclusions.  Emily and Rob explained their inspiration behind this box like this:

If you’ve hung around Foodzie long enough, you’ve probably heard us talking about one of our all-time team favorites, the famous Chile Crunch.  It’s a spicy Mexican condiment of arbol chiles mixed in with toasted garlic and onions, and oil.  We use it daily in our kitchen and sound the alarm when we’ve reached the bottom of the jar.  You could say we’re sorta obsessed.  We wanted to share it so badly we crafted a box around it.  From the sweet heat of mango habanero and jalapeno fruit leathers to the crunch of Muruku Hot & Spicy Indian Crunchy Noodles, these products bring the heat. ~Emily & Rob

I have to admit that the Chile Crunch is one of the products in this box that made me want it so badly.  That and the Jalapeno Chips.  Those two were the ones that hooked me, but, I’m excited to try all of these.

Watch for reviews of the individual items as I taste them!  Thanks again, Foodzie!

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