Brothers Burgers

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Restaurant Review
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I’ve had the opportunity to try Brothers Burgers on a couple of different occasions, but didn’t bring my notebook with me to record my thoughts about the place until my most recent visit.  Therefore, this review will focus on my most recent visit to Brothers Burgers, although I might reflect on previous visits, although my thoughts on previous visits will be limited to my own memory and not my notes.

Location:  19206 SE 1st Street, Camas, Washington

Order:  I ordered the Black & Bleu burger bundled with roasted garlic topped fries and a root beer.  ($10.58)

What I Think:

The atmosphere at Brothers Burgers is what I’ll refer to as “casual upscale.”  The stylish decor and fireplace lent a certain upscale look to it; at the same time, there is a certain comfortable casualness to it all, and I didn’t feel under-dressed in my tee-shirt and jeans.

The service is friendly and attentive, perhaps too attentive.  It is something my husband pointed out to me, that three different servers came to our table at different times, making sure we were well cared for.  But, I don’t mind that, I think it might be better to be well care for than ignored.

The roasted garlic topped french fries were delicious.  The fries were golden brown and crispy, and the garlic added a pleasant zesty sweetness to them.  However, I did get the opportunity to try my husband’s tots (no topping), and I think I would have been happier with them.  Next time, I’ll keep that in mind.  As it was, the fries were not disappointing, the tots just were tastier.

The burger.  Let me say right now, bleu is one of my favorite cheeses.  It always has been, since I was a kid, and bleu cheese dressing was my favorite salad dressing.  So, I am always tempted when I see a burger featuring bleu cheese.  And of course, there’s bacon.  I think I’ve made it pretty clear just how much I love bacon on this blog, haven’t I?

The burger had a good ratio of gorgonzola  cheese to meat – I could taste the cheese but there wasn’t so much that it overwhelmed the entire sandwich. I could almost every element, from the lettuce, tomato and onion to the meat to the cheese … but I do wish there was more bacon.  I felt that if any ingredient was slighted, it would be the bacon, because while I could detect the chewy texture of the bacon, I didn’t taste it much amid all the other toppings.

While the burger was delicious, I found the meat to be slightly overcooked.  It was almost rubbery – but not quite – and it wasn’t very juicy.  In fact, the real “juice” of this burger came from the house sauce, which seemed to be overcompensating for the fact that the burger was overdone.  I found myself wishing I had requested a light amount of sauce on this burger … another thing to keep in mind for the next visit.

My Final Thoughts:

A tasty burger.  I’ll probably return at some point, but, I think it will be only if we are in the area or we have a coupon (I had a Living Social voucher for this visit), because we live closer to Burger Bungalow, and the burgers from Burger Bungalow are better, and since these two burger joints cost about the same, for my money, I’d prefer to visit the Bungalow.

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