Product Description:

Foodie granola bar is an oxymoron, or so I thought. All health benefits aside (and there are many), this granola bar is seriously tasty. Even the thick brown paper packaging makes you feel like you’re opening a gourmet treat. The bar is sweet, nutty with rich peanut butter, and chewy with a little crunch from the puffed brown rice. A slight tang from the cranberries balances all the flavors. The bars are made with high quality local ingredients, are delicious, and support a good cause – what more could you ask for?

I received this Garuka Bar in my July Petit Amuse Tasting Box.

Tea Suggestion:

These granola bars are so tasty, they’d make a great tea time snack, even if it is a bit unconventional.  I enjoyed this with a cup of refreshing White Peony tea from Peony Tea S.  The lightness of the tea allowed me to thoroughly explore all the nuances of the bar:  the sweetness of the honey, the tartness of the berry and the creamy peanut butter taste.  It was a very refreshing combination.

What I Think:

I’ve had the opportunity to taste several “gourmet” granola bars since I’ve been doing the “tasting box” thing, but, none have been quite like this Garuka Bar.

This is seriously yummy.  While it does have the components of a granola bar, it tastes nothing like any granola bar that I’ve ever tasted … but with the components there it is vaguely similar.  This is so much better!  YUM!

The first thing I notice, once I get past the heavy Kraft paper wrapping is the look and feel of the bar.  It has been shaped into a bar shape, but it’s easily broken from this shape … not even broken, you can simply give it a slight pull and a portion will break away.  This is not your ordinary hard granola bar that is difficult to break or bite into… this takes the idea of “soft” granola bars to a whole other level.

Then I sink my teeth into the bar… mmm… peanut butter and honey!  Those are the two flavors I notice immediately.  There are big pieces of peanut in there too, giving it a nice crunch, and the puffed rice give it additional texture that is lightly crispy.  It’s really kind of a neat texture – the light, crackly crispiness of the rice versus the substantial crunch from the peanuts.

Every other bite or so, I come across a bit of dried cranberry in the bar and this is a delightful experience also.  It adds a nice savory element, just a little bit of tartness.  There is a little bit of brown sugar to this to adds to the overall sweet tone to the bar, and I like that too… it’s very much like a “health food candy bar” if you can imagine such a thing.

My Final Thoughts:

I really love this bar!  Very delicious – full of peanut buttery, honey and brown sugar sweetness, with just a hint of tartness to make it interesting.  It has such a remarkable and satisfying texture and it satiates the hunger pangs during those in between meal times when you want something to eat but don’t want a whole meal.

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