Wholly Guacamole

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Product Review
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Product Information:

This is our classic guacamole in a fun, 100 calorie, portable size. This is an easy guacamole to love. Simple guacamole goodness in the convenience of a travel pack.

Learn more about Wholly Guacamole on their website.

Note:  for the purposes of this review, I chose to eat the guacamole with plain, ole tortilla chips.  Nothing fancy, nothing even name brand… we usually buy the cheapest, bargain brand tortilla chips and that is what I used for this review. 

What I Think:

I heard about Wholly Guacamole on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  I don’t know if you saw the episode when Ellen had one of her staff dress up like a tortilla chip and dive into a huge bowl of “guacamole” … but, I got a kick out of the bit so I decided I wanted to give it a try.  Shortly after that, we found coupons in our Sunday paper, so it was a done deal!

Not every store carries this stuff, so you need to shop around.  I found mine at our local Safeway, and it’s shelved in the little refrigerated shelves near the deli section.

This is every bit as good as Ellen led me to believe with her bit.  It tastes like fresh avocado.  It doesn’t taste like green tinted sour cream the way so many other commercially packaged guacamole.  Seriously, before now, I had resorted to enjoying guacamole only when I was out to eat or when I would break down and make it myself (which is next to never… I think I’ve only made it myself once!)   But this stuff tastes so good:  smooth, creamy with a chunk of avocado every now and again… it’s very avocado-y, and it’s not overly spicy.  I do taste a hint of spice at the start, and it builds as I continue to eat, but, it never becomes hot-spicy.  And even more importantly, it doesn’t taste as though it’s been processed with a lot of other stuff… and a quick glance at the ingredients proves this.

Ingredients:  Hass Avocados, Jalapeño Puree (white vinegar, jalapeño peppers, salt), Dehydrated Onion, Salt, Granulated Garlic.

My Final Thoughts:

This guacamole is a great success!  I will definitely be buying this again.  I love avocado, and while this is a little on the pricy side (but really, so is fresh avocado!!!) it is really worth it if you like guacamole.

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