Maple Kettle Korn from Bureau’s Sugarhouse

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Knoshy, Product Review
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Product Description:

Bureau’s Sugar House of Old Lyme, Connecticut. Don Bureau started making maple syrup in the spring of 1993 with 300 maple tree taps. Over the last twenty years that number has grown to over 700 taps in Connecticut.

In 1999, after years of creating syrups and a range of maple sugar sweets, Don started producing kettle korn. He was the first in the world to sweeten it using his own local maple syrup instead of caramels or cane sugar. Most producers use brown sugars to get the color kettle korn is famous for; but Don has been using pure maple syrup since day one.

Maple Kettle Korn is available on Knoshbox’s website.

Tea Suggestion:

Well, as it is currently so VERY hot … I must recommend a glass of iced tea.  And it’s quite a nice pairing, actually.  I find that I reach for something to drink a little more often when my snack is salty like this one, and it’s much easier to gulp down iced tea than it is hot … which I prefer to sip and savor.  Lately, the iced tea that I’ve been drinking is cold-brewed green iced tea, like this Peach Iced Green Tea from Den’s Tea.  Sweet, deliciously fruity and refreshing, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a bag of this scrumptious Maple Kettle Korn.

What I Think:

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve numerous popcorn items that I need to be sampling and reviewing … but, when I opened my Knoshbox, this was the first item that my 11-year-old daughter spotted, and she wanted to try it right away.  So we opened the bag before I even had time to blog about getting the box.

Through the clear pouch, I can see that not all of the kernels of popcorn are evenly coated.  Some appear not coated at all, while others appear pretty heavily coated … looking more like caramel corn than kettle corn.

This is one of the most unusual kettle popcorn products I’ve tried, usually, the kettle corn tends to be an intriguing balance between salty and sweet with a delightful crunch … and this Maple Kettle Korn has all of that.  But what I’m noticing as I continue to munch on this sweet and salty snack is that seems to toe the line between kettle corn and caramel corn.  This isn’t quite as sweet heavily coated as a typical caramel corn, but, it isn’t as simple as the typical kettle corn that is often salted popcorn that’s been tossed with a coating of sugar or light syrup.

I can taste the maple, and that adds a nice dimension to this.  I can also taste the butter, but it doesn’t taste heavily of butter.  Just a hint of butter, which contrasts nicely with the other flavors.  Plus there is an interesting smoky note … almost like a burnt note to it.  But not burnt as in “uh oh, I burned the popcorn” kind of burnt.  But more like that hint of burn/char/toasty kind of flavor that you get when you caramelize sugar.  That sweet, delectable kind of smokiness.  And that really elevates this kettle corn into something a little different … something special that makes it stand out.

My Final Thoughts:

The good news:  this is a delicious sweet and salty snack that my daughter and I munched on together and it disappeared before I knew it.  YUM!  The not-so-good news:  as we neared the bottom of the bag, I noticed that there were quite a few broken pieces of popcorn and bits of hull as well as several unpopped kernels.  Overall, though, I found this to be a really tasty,  unusual take on the traditional kettle corn, and I think that my daughter enjoyed it even more than I did.

  1. Don Bureau says:

    Hi Anne.I am the inventor of MapleKettleKorn.
    You may be surprised to learn that we do not add butter to our recipe as can be seen on our product ingredients.
    Thanks for the positive review.
    We are proud tpo be the first in the world to creat this product and we think with 13 years of practice that we are the best.
    Don Bureau
    Bureau’s Sugarhouse and MaplekettleKorn

  2. Anne Downen says:

    Hi Don:

    That is indeed surprising, as I could taste butter. What was the most unique flavor profile, though, was that lovely smoky note. Very unusual for a kettle corn, which usually is more about the salty and sweet … I loved how this had other flavors to explore too.

    Thanks for your comment … I really enjoyed your product!

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