Herb & Garlic flavored Wai Lana Chips

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Goodies Co., Product Review
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Product Information:

Made from nutrient-rich cassava, these gluten-free chips contain 30% less fat than regular potato chips. With an unforgettable crunch and an abundance of tempting flavors, Wai Lana Chips are a uniquely delicious, all-natural snack.

These Cassava Chips were part of my Goodies Tasting Box for September.

Tea Suggestion:

Because these are a salty snack, I recommend a glass of iced tea with these.  I suppose any iced tea would do in a pinch, but, I highly recommend this Mango Green Tea from Den’s Tea – if for no other reason than these snacks inspire a tropical sort of mood.

What I Think:

I sampled my first chip “blindly” – that is, I didn’t look at the website or read the package or even really look at the chip before I popped it in my mouth.  I wanted to find out what I really think … rather than let what I read influence my decision in any way.

I could tell by the texture that it was a “popped” chip rather than a sliced piece of potato that had been fried in oil.  In fact, it doesn’t even really taste like a potato. It has the taste and texture of those “healthier” popped chips.  Then I checked out the website and found out that these chips are made from cassava rather than potato.  A cassava is a starchy, carbohydrate-rich root vegetable, and as this is my first known encounter with cassava, I must say that it is a positive one.  It’s actually quite tasty.

The Wai Lana website does not indicate how these chips are prepared/processed, only that they are made of cassava.  The texture and lack of greasiness suggests to me that they’ve been air popped or possibly baked rather than fried.

I like the texture:  It’s pleasantly crunchy, that kind of addicting crunch that keeps me munching on them.   Which makes me glad that this is just a small, one serving bag of the chips, because if it had been larger, I might have over-indulged … and even though they are supposedly healthier than potato chips … everything in moderation, right?

The flavor is salty, with a delicious garlic overtone and a savory set of herbs/spices in the background.  The aftertaste is a bit odd, but not in a bad way.  It sort of reminds me of mashed parsnips.

I don’t know if I taste much from the cassava, because the herbs and garlic are more than likely affecting the overall flavor of the vegetable, prohibiting me from being able to tell you just exactly WHAT this cassava tastes like.  It does have a starchy kind of taste, similar to a potato in that way, but, it seems to be a little sweeter.  Again, that could be the herbs playing tricks on my palate too.

My Final Thoughts:

Well, I may not know with certainty what a cassava tastes like, but what I do know is that these chips are really quite enjoyable.  They have a good, addictive kind of crunch to them and would make a great snack to have on hand when one is craving salty snacks.  I’d buy them again.

  1. Trevor Hitch says:

    My name is Trevor and I am the national sales director for Wai Lana Snacks. Thanks for your great feedback on our chips. I would love to send you some more flavors to sample especially our Natural flavor. Please send me an email with the shipping address 🙂
    Happy snacking,

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