Whitney’s Castleton Crackers

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Knoshy, Product Review
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Picture from Knoshbox. Click on the pic to go there.

Product Description:
Whitney Lamy of Castleton, Vermont bakes some of the finest New England crackers you can find for wine & cheese pairing. Her crackers are all natural, hand-made, and hand-cracked.

The Windham Wheat crackers are light, buttery and slightly salty which pair beautifully with a Vermont Jasper Hill Cheddar and oaked Chardonnay. This particular cheese has nutty, lightly caramel flavors that work so well with the toasty, buttery oak notes of the Chardonnay- while the cracker backs it all up with a salty crunch.

I received these crackers in my September Knoshbox.

Tea Suggestion:

Knoshbox suggests pairing these crackers with a Chardonnay, but I don’t drink wine very often.  Instead, I chose to pair these crackers with this Oolong Chardonnay from Vintage TeaWorks.  The smooth, softly buttery taste of the tea was a perfect match for the buttery, nutty taste of the crackers.

What I Think: 

Oh, my!  I think I may have just discovered a new favorite cracker.  I tried these ever so briefly while enjoying the Chorizo Rioja which was also featured in the September Knoshbox, but now as I sit here with a cup of tea and eat these without cheese or meat adornment, I am truly able to appreciate the complexity of the cracker.

I love that these are broken by hand, rather than by machine.  You get a sense of the love and dedication that goes in to these crackers.  They are super thin, like wheat thins … but they taste so much better than wheat thins.  And even though they are thin, they are really satisfying.  With each bite I can taste the wholesome wheat.  And, then there is a buttery taste to these too, and just a hint of salt.

Really delicious!

My Final Thoughts:

Somehow, these crackers seem a bit more like bread to me, in that they don’t taste ‘wimpy’ the way some crackers do.  Some crackers are mere snacks … these crackers are substantial enough to serve along with a meal like a hearty stew or chili.  I really like these crackers a lot.

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