Fruit + Nut Press from Grace & I

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Petit Amuse, Product Review
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Picture from Petit Amuse.
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Product Description:

These fruit + nut presses from Grace & I are elegant, delicious, and utterly unique. They are gorgeous (pictures do not do justice) and add a gourmet statement to any cheese board or fruit tray. Wow dinner party guests or surprise the foodie in your life who’s seen/eaten everything. They even come with their own wooden board for extra charm. Sweetest of the presses, the fig + nut, is one of their best sellers.

This product is available on Petit Amuse.

Tea Suggestion:

This fruity, nutty snack is something that seems like it would go very nicely with wine, so I selected a tea that is wine-infused to enjoy with this it.  This Wild Monkey Marsala seemed like the perfect fit:  the cinnamon notes of the tea really enhanced both the fruit and nut flavors, and while this tea doesn’t offer a strong “wine-y” taste, the dimension of flavor in the tea really seems to accent the Fruit & Nut Press very well.

What I Think:

This Fruit & Nut Press from Grace & I was part of this month’s Petit Amuse sampler box, and at first glance, I thought that this was a fruitcake of some sort.

But it isn’t!  Instead, it is dried figs, hazelnuts & almonds that have been pressed together into a square, cake-like form, looking very much like a dense fruitcake that’s loaded with fruit and nuts!  But there’s no cake in this, no pastry, just fruit and nuts!  Just the very best part of a fruitcake, all compressed into a square (for the sampler box, we actually received a smaller, rectangular slice of the Fruit & Nut press).

I love the delicious fig taste of this Fruit & Nut Press, and I’m also really enjoying the variety of textures within it.  The fig is soft yet chewy, and then every once in a while, I reach the solid crunch of a nut.  It’s really quite delightful to eat.

My Final Thoughts:

As I nibble on this delicious snack, I can’t help but think how perfect this would be served on a cheese platter at one of those fancy New Year’s Eve parties that my father and step-mother used to host.  It is sweet, nutty, fruity, and tart, with barely there touches of saltiness all in one bite.  It would offer such a pleasant contrast to the sharpness of a good cheddar or a Bleu cheese.  It would also be great to serve along with finger sandwiches during tea time!

Just browsing through the Petit Amuse website, I probably would not have thought of putting something called a “Fruit & Nut Press” in my shopping cart, at least, not until having tried it!  But I love that the sampler subscription lets me do just that – try some of the yummy items that are offered at Petit Amuse, all for a very reasonable $10 per month!

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