Toasted Coconut Chips from Dang

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Goodies Co., Product Review
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Product Description:

Made from the nutrient-packed copra, or meat of the coconut, our toasted coconut chips are a delicious snack that provides loads of energy. The meat is sliced out of mature coconuts then gently toasted until golden brown with a dash of sugar and salt. The toasting process brings out the natural sweetness of the coconut meat and turns it from white to golden brown. Professional tasters detect notes of vanilla, yogurt and pear. What do you taste?

I received a pouch of these delicious coconut chips in my Goodies Box for October.

Tea Suggestion:

With these snacks, I suggest something crisp and light … nothing that is going to interfere with the fabulous flavor of these coconut chips.  I chose to brew some Jasmine Pearls from Nature’s Tea Leaf.  The delicate flavors of the tea were a lovely compliment to the deliciously nutty, sweet, amazing flavor of the chips.

What I Think:

Oh my goodness!  These are so good!  So good that I started munching on them before I took a picture, and I was nearly finished with the bag before I realized … I don’t have a picture yet!  They’re so good that I am almost finished with them now, as I write this, and I had to force myself to stop munching on them long enough to write my thoughts on them.

Seldom do I find something that is THAT good, that I just can’t stop eating them long enough to type out my thoughts.  This product alone makes the October Goodies Box worth it.  If you like coconut … you have got to try this!  Even if you don’t like coconut, you should try it, you might change your mind!  Everyone* should try these coconut chips!

These are thin and crispy, and unlike toasted coconut flakes, they aren’t moist nor do they have that typical coconut chewy consistency.  These are dry and crisp, more like a potato chip than shredded coconut.  There is some chewiness to these, but, I find these chips to be more nutty than coconut – like thinly sliced almonds that have been toasted.  Not just in texture, but also in taste… these have a sweet, toasted nut taste.  Even the hint of saltiness to these sort of emphasizes that “nut-like” taste.

In the above description, it suggests notes of vanilla, pear and yogurt.  And I taste those subtle nuances as well as the stronger nutty tones.  And yes, of course, I can taste coconut.  And while I do love coconut, I am really loving that I can taste more than just coconut with these chips!

My Final Thoughts:

These – seriously! – are one of the very best food items that I’ve received in any of my food tasting boxes since I started subscribing to them.  They are so ridiculously good.  I want MORE … no.   I NEED more!!!  They are definitely something I’m going to be watching for when I’m shopping.

*Well, maybe not everyone.  One of my tea friends is allergic to coconut.  I don’t condone her trying this because it could have an adverse reaction.  So, I think everyone who is not allergic to coconut should try these chips!

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