Juicefuls Fruit Wave Snacks

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Goodies Co., Product Review
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Product Description:

Juicefuls fruit snacks are bursting with flavor, and we do mean that literally. The soft and chewy fruit bites with 100% fruit juice at the core erupt in your mouth, surprising your taste buds with the bright, refreshing flavor of real fruit.

I received a package of these fruit snacks in my October Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

These are really quite sweet, so I suggest something that will help you offset the sweetness a bit – something that will help to balance the taste on the palate.  My choice is for a spicy chai served straight (that is, not a latte), because the sweetness of the fruit snacks and the spices of the chai offer interesting contrast!  Try this Indian Spiced Chai from Tealicious Tea Company!

What I Think:

These are a little different than what I was expecting… although, I am not sure exactly what I was expecting.  With a name like “Juicefuls” I was kind of expecting a juice burst when I bite into one of these … sort of like Freshen Up gum… remember that gum?  You’d bite into it, and there’s this burst of gel inside?  I think that was what immediately came to mind when I first read the name “Juicefuls” … and then I also expected the outer “shell” of the fruit snack to be a different texture, I expected it to be more of a firm gelatin type of texture.

Neither of these expectations were met.  On the plus side, the fruit snack “shell” is softer than I expected it to be, it is chewy and soft.  But there is no burst of juice or anything either.  It does have a softer center than the outer shell, but, it doesn’t feel like it’s full of juice or anything.

These are tasty enough, sure, but part of me feels like I should have followed my intuition and just given this package to my young daughter, because I think she’d have appreciated it more than I did.  They are fruity and sweet, and by the time you reach the end of the package, they almost seem too sweet.

My Final Thoughts:

These are alright.  I didn’t dislike them.  And, I might even buy more in the future, but they’d be for my daughter, not for me.  These are not my typical snack food – I’d much prefer to snack on fruit rather than fruit snacks.  Alright, but, a little too cloying after a while.

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