The Baconery Sampler Pack, Part 1

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Chocoholics Unite!, Product Review
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You can learn more about the Baconery on their website.

What I Think:

Back in the Spring/Early Summer, Google Offers had a special for the Baconery.  I LOVE bacon (if there is one meat that keeps me from going back to vegetarianism, it is probably bacon, followed very closely by crab and steak), so, it didn’t take much for me to decide that I need to purchase the offer.  I didn’t order right away, though, because based on what I was reading on the website, shipping was higher in the summer months due to the heat.  So, I decided to wait until the weather cooled down, although I can’t say that the shipping charges decreased, because the shipping charges were still quite hefty.

One look at the items available, and I was a little overwhelmed as to what to choose.  How does one who loves both bacon and chocolate choose between Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies and Bacon Brownies and Chocolate and Bacon covered Pretzels?  So, I chose the Sampler pack which didn’t have everything that I wanted to try – mostly because I wanted to try everything! – but it had a good variety of many of the things that appealed to me.

Some issues that I had immediately with the sampler pack was the inconsistency between the two sampler packages that I ordered.  I had ordered two since my husband expressed an interest in the sweets with bacon as well, so I thought, I’d order two so that we wouldn’t be fighting over the brownies or marshmallow treats.  One sampler pack had six cookies:  three Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bacon cookies, and three Chocolate Chip Bacon cookies.  The other sampler pack had only three cookies in it, One of each of the cookies:  an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bacon cookie, a Chocolate Chip Bacon cookie and a Chocolate Reese Pieces Bacon cookie.

Which leads me to another issue … if you’re going to make substitutions (or short the sampler packs all together), I think that you should at least contact the customer to let them know so that they might have the option to suggest something else that appeals to them instead.  I would have rather traded in the one extra of the two cookies for one of the chocolate and bacon covered pretzel rods, for example.

The Cookies

So for this first part of the Baconery Sampler Pack review, I’m going to review the cookies.  The first cookie that I tried was the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookie, and I have to admit that I was dissatisfied with this cookie.  The oatmeal and chocolate chip part of it was tasty, but there wasn’t enough bacon in my opinion, and I think that this cookie could have been vastly improved with some maple flavor.  And as difficult as it is for me to say, it could have also been better without the chocolate (gasp!)  Yes… I said it.  With the strong flavors of oatmeal and chocolate going on in the cookie, I found that the flavor of the bacon was just a little lost, and since this is a cookie from the Baconery … I think that bacon should be a more prominent flavor.

The Chocolate Reese Pieces Bacon Cookie was tasty … and although the cookie LOOKED very chocolate-y, it didn’t have a rich, chocolate-y fudge flavor.  I did taste the bacon, and I liked the way the bacon and the peanut butter candies complimented each other… I think I might have wanted more chocolate flavor, but more chocolate flavor might have overwhelmed the flavor of the bacon … and then I’d be complaining about that … so I’ll just say, it was good.  Not something I’d want to buy again, but I enjoyed the one cookie of this variety that I received in my two sampler packages.

The Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookie is really good. I could TASTE the bacon in these cookies, unlike the oatmeal cookies.  There was a fair amount of bacon in the cookie, too, so I was getting a bite of salty, crispy-chewy bacon in every bite of cookie.

The only thing that I think could have made the chocolate chip cookies better is if the cookies tasted fresh.  Now, I’m sure that the products were shipped very fresh, but, having to wait about a week while it traveled from its origination point to its destination, the cookie ended up being just a wee bit stale.  Having worked at Mrs. Fields back when Mrs. Fields still ran the company and we still mixed the dough in big mixers in the back … I learned this little trick:  store cookies with a slice of white bread.  This keeps ’em soft and fresh.  I’d also recommend shipping cookies separately from the other items in the sampler pack.

In fact, I must admit I was a bit dismayed by the packaging of it all.  The sampler pack was packed in one large, sealed mylar bag which was not resealable – which is fine – but, each item was loose in the mylar bag, which wasn’t fine in my opinion.  I think that with the price that is being paid for these goodies, that individual wrapping isn’t too much to ask for.  If you’ve got to reduce the wrapping (and I’m all for reducing as it’s better for the environment), then at least wrap the brownies separate from the cookies, which are also separate from the marshmallow treats.  I don’t think it showcases the products in the best way to have them in a great big bag like this.  If you wrapped your cookies separately, it would have been easy to slip a slice of white bread in the bag to keep the cookies nice and soft.

My Final Thoughts:

Overall, I think that while this review reads a little negative, I have enjoyed the cookies, but I can’t say that I enjoyed them enough to ever buy them again.  They were tasty, and I’m glad I got to taste them, and they’re alright for a novelty item, but, they’re certainly not good enough for me to become a repeat customer.  And I really disliked the inconsistency.  I feel like my package was thrown together without much care or consideration for what was going inside.  I think that if more care were taken to package these items, and to alert me of substitutions and shortages so that I could have made possible requests for those substitutions (or perhaps offered a refund for the shortage!) I would have been a much happier customer and would have probably been a repeat customer.  As it is though, I won’t be shopping with this company again.

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