My First Love with Food Box has arrived!

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Love with Food
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lovewithfoodAnother foodie subscription?  Yeah, but, I really hadn’t planned on it.  It just sort of happened.  A dear friend (or should I say “SororiTea Sister”) of mine told me about a deal that she had come across for a three month subscription for Love with Food, and the price was so good, I just couldn’t pass it up.

I had heard about Love for Food a while back, and wanted to sign up when I first heard about it.  I love getting gourmet goodies in the mail as you already know, and what made this one stand out for me is the fact that they are dedicated to feeding the hungry.  For every box purchased, a meal for a hungry child is purchased.  I really like that my subscription is making a difference in this way.

But as I said, I hadn’t really planned on joining Love with Food until this offer presented itself, because, quite frankly, I’ve already three foodie subscriptions, and I think that might just be plenty.  You know?  And I didn’t want to cancel one of the subscriptions I already have… because which one do I dump?  Petit Amuse?  No, I love Petit Amuse.  Knoshbox?  No, that’s my favorite one of the three boxes.  Which leaves Goodies Company, and I really like them too.  They’ve impressed me … and that’s saying something given the somewhat hostile attitude I tend to have toward Wal Mart.  (Yeah, I’m not a fan of Wal-Mart … but it would seem that even they can do something right because I am enjoying my Goodies Co. Box)LWFDec

Anyway … let’s get back to talking about this first box.  If they wanted to grab me and sucker me in to staying with a fourth subscription, they sure did pick the best way to go about it with this month’s box, which appears to have a “holiday” theme.  Nestled inside the bright red box were these goodies:

  • Chocolate Tasting Square from Madecasse.  I do love Madecasse’s chocolate, and I’ve already eaten this little square!  It’s delicious, rich and sweet chocolate.   Definitely worthy of the Madecasse name!
  • Honey Cinnamon Almonds from Nunes Farms.  YUM!
  • Candy Cane Truffles from Kara Chcoolates.  Can we get another YUM in here?
  • Fleur de Sel Caramel Popcorn from 479 Popcorn.  Having tried their popcorn in the past and being a huge fan of salted caramel, I know I’m going to love this.
  • Gingerbread Boy from Nikki’s Cookies.  This boy was captured before it could run off and dipped in white chocolate!
  • Mocha Mint Cappuccino from Hills Brothers.  This is actually the one thing that I won’t be able to drink.  I think I’ll prepare it for my hubby, and just take a sip of it so that I can try it (because it does sound yummy).  However, don’t wait for a review of this product from me, since it is a coffee beverage and I can’t drink the stuff.
  • Holiday Salt Water taffies from Taffy Town.  Four different flavors!
  • and finally, a Belgian Milk Chocolate-Dipped Nutter Butter from Big Chocolate Dipper … which isn’t labeled as a chocolate dipped Nutter Butter but given that I was able to correctly identify everything else, I was able to deduce that this is the Belgian Milk Chocolate-Dipped cookie.  Thank goodness for the product card!

I can’t wait to try these items.  As I said above, I can’t drink coffee (I began to realize about ten years or so ago that it was coffee that was making me feel sick about 11 am every morning that I drank it.  I stopped drinking it and no more icky, sicky feeling.  Lesson learned:  stop drinking coffee and switch to tea!) so I won’t be reviewing that one, nor will I be reviewing the Madecasse Milk Chocolate Square, since it disappeared too fast!  (It was delicious, although, I think I prefer their salted dark chocolate bar with cacao nibs).

If you’re interested in subscribing to Love with Food, you can do so by clicking here.  This month, the donations went to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

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