Gingerbread Boy from Nikki’s Cookies

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Love with Food, Product Review
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I had to quickly bite one of his legs off so that he wouldn’t try running away from me while I snapped the photo!

Product Description:

Sweetly spiced with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and just a touch of black pepper, these tender cookies are a holiday favorite. Coated with a layer of creamy white chocolate on the back, it’s as if this Gingerbread Boy tried to make a snow angel!

I received one of these Gingerbread Boys in my December Love with Food box, and can be purchased on the Love with Food website.

Tea Suggestion:

With this spicy-sweet, flavorful treat, I wanted a pure blend, rather than something with flavors that might compete with the taste of the cookie.  I grabbed some English Breakfast Tea from Revolution!  It was perfect.  And who says you can’t have cookies for breakfast?

What I Think:


Growing up, gingerbread was really never part of any holiday tradition in my family.  My gramma was a fantastic baker, however, and she’d make all sorts of other cookies, including rolled sugar cookies, and she would cut gingerbread men shapes out of those and we would decorate them as if they were gingerbread men.  Those were good and very memorable, of course, because it was time in my gramma’s kitchen; but, I don’t think I actually ever tried gingerbread until after I was grown!

And I love it!  It’s kind of like a yummy spiced chai – but without the tea – in cookie form!  (forgive me, I tend to relate most things to tea.)  And this is a really delicious gingerbread cookie.

I love the flavor of the gingerbread here – this is what it should taste like!  The ginger is zesty.  I can taste the molasses, and I taste hints of cinnamon and clove.  It is pleasantly spicy, teetering just over the edge of what I’d call a peppery-hot-spice, but there’s enough sweetness from the white chocolate and molasses to this to make it more like a group of contrasting flavors rather than something I’d simply call “spicy.”

My Final Thoughts:

Really yummy!  I like it because I can taste the many flavors within the cookie.  It doesn’t go overboard with the ginger.  Everything is well balanced.  And the white chocolate coating on the back is a nice touch, adding some creaminess to the taste – just that little bit of something extra to make these something better than your average gingerbread boy!

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