Lightly Salted Plantain Chips from Turbana

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Love with Food, Product Review

plantainchipsProduct Description:

These savory treats are made from freshly harvested plantains, a fruit that is kinda like a starchy banana. Turbana lovingly hand-peels each plantain, slices them into thin coins, and crisps them in veggie oil using a cooking process that ensures minimal oil absorption.

I received a sample bag of these chips in my January Love with Food box, and you can learn more about ordering this product on the Love with Food website.

Tea Suggestion:

I generally like iced tea with salty snacks like this one (makes it easier to gulp down … salt makes me thirsty!) but, I found these to be quite tasty with  a lovely cup of jasmine pearls tea, specifically, this Fragrant Pearl Jasmine Green Tea from Life in Teacup.  Something about the soft, exotic flavor of the jasmine just went so nicely with the starchy taste of the plantain.

What I Think:

Looking at these, you might expect them to taste like banana.  And the first time I tried a plantain, that’s what I expected … and I was surprised to find that they really don’t taste a lot like banana.  There are … hints of a banana-like taste there, but they taste more starchy … imagine a russet potato and a banana having a love child.  That would be closer to what I experience when I taste these chips.  They taste starchy like a russet potato … and this is what I taste most.  That starchy, fluffy taste of a baked russet potato, captured in a very crispy chip.  But there are hints … of something else in there too … something vaguely fruit-like.

I really like these … they are very thin … thinner than other plantain chips I’ve tasted in the past, and this gives them more of a potato chip-like taste … very light and crisp.  Not really oily or greasy … although in the thinnest of the chips, I can taste hints of oil. But they don’t leave a greasy residue – I usually test this by putting chips on a piece of paper … and usually with fried chips, I can see some tiny spots of grease … sometimes more than just tiny spots.  But with these, absolutely no grease spots … tiny or otherwise.  Impressive.

They are saltier than I’d expect from a “lightly salted” chip, and while I  don’t find this off-putting, I don’t think I would want to try something with more salt.  These have plenty of salt!

My Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed these a lot, and while I haven’t tried a lot of plantain chips (not even quite a few) … maybe fewer than a handful of different brands/varieties … this particular variety and brand is my favorite.  The main reason is the fact that they are so cut so thin, and they are fried in such a way that they aren’t greasy.  So, I get a deliciously thin, crispy chip that is not at all greasy in taste or feel.  If I had to change anything, I’d lighten up on the salt a wee bit more.  I liked them as they were, but, I think I’d have enjoyed them even more with a little less salt.

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