Potato, Tomato & Spinach Naturals Garden Veggie Crisps from Snyder’s of Hanover

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

???????????????????????????????Product Description:

Spinach, tomato and potato put a healthy spin on a traditionally not-so-healthy snack. Made with natural, wholesome ingredients, no preservatives or additives and 40% less sodium than regular potato crisps, these are chips you can feel good about eating.

I received a bag of these veggie crisps in my December Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

Because I really wanted to focus on the flavors of these Veggie Crisps, I chose a pure White Tea … this White Peony Tea from thepuriTea turned out to be a nice choice.  While I wasn’t particularly crazy about Veggie Crisps overall, I found that the white tea did help make this tea-time snack a bit more enjoyable.

What I Think:

These colorful crisps make it easy to determine whether you are eating a potato, a tomato, or a spinach crisp.  The potato are a pale, off-white color (like the color of unflavored potato chips), while the spinach are a sage-y green and the tomato are a light shade of orange-y pink.

The potato crisps are kind of boring but then again, when it comes to chips, I’ve been eating the Wai Lana cassava chips and I didn’t realize how boring they made regular potato chips taste!  But even though the potato crisps are a little boring as far as taste, I like their crunch!

The tomato and spinach crisps are equally as crunchy as the potato, but they bring a little more to the party … and that is FLAVOR!  The spinach has a tasty note of spinach to the chip, and after eating two or three without eating any of the others, I find that the spinach flavor multiplies.  It’s a very interesting and unexpected flavor to find in a snack chip.

The tomato is actually a little disappointing … and I suspect this has something to do with the fact that I LOVE tomatoes.  When asked what my favorite fruit is, I will usually respond with “tomato.”  Especially the freshly-picked, homegrown variety that ripen on the vine in the summer sun.  They are so sweet and pleasantly acidic, and I love that contrast.  But I find that these tomato crisps lack that acidic punch.  They have a little bit of tomato flavor, but it’s a bit like drinking watered down tomato juice.  The tomato flavor emerges a little bit after eating more than two or three pink-ish orange colored crisps consecutively, but not really enough where I think “TOMATO!” after I pop one in my mouth.  It’s not a real obvious tomato-y flavor.

My Final Thoughts:

I like the idea of these veggie crisps; I like the concept of a healthier approach to crunchy snack chips.  But, I find these to be just a little … off.  They don’t taste bad, really, but, the potato crisp is kind of boring and well, like a potato chip … and that’s nothing really very original.  The tomato lacks a substantial tomato taste.  The only crisp in this pouch that offers a real unique approach and some interesting flavor is the spinach crisp, and I’m just not that big a fan of spinach to say that this is something I’d buy again.  I’m glad I got to try them, but, am I a big fan?  Not really.

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