Traditional Hummus Dip & Multi Grain Pita Chips Snack Combo to Go from Wild Garden

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Goodies Co., Product Review
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???????????????????????????????Product Description:

Hearty multi-grain pita chips make the perfect partner for creamy hummus in this deliciously portable snack pack that needs no refrigeration. The classic Mediterranean dip, made with chickpeas, sesame paste and a hint of lemon is healthy and all-natural.

I received this “snack kit” box in my January Goodies Box.

Tea Suggestion:

I recommend a sweet, vegetative green tea to go with hummus and pita chips!  This Lin Yun Green Tea from Infussion is perfect!  A delightfully refreshing tea to serve with this snack.

???????????????????????????????What I Think:

This is a fun snack kit.  Inside the box is a bag of pita chips and an easy-to-squeeze tube of hummus.

The multi-grain pita chips are very crunchy and dense.  They look to me like they were made from real pita bread … they’re thick and dense like that.  The flavor is hearty and nutty, with a nice saltiness.  Not too much salt … but enough to enhance the overall flavor of the chip.

???????????????????????????????I probably wouldn’t want to eat these on their own though.  The thickness is really kind of difficult to get past without the dip.  They aren’t enjoyable to snack on without the dip.  With the hummus dip, though, this becomes a really enjoyable snack.  The hummus dip is smooth and creamy … and I like that there is enough dip in this little tube to generously cover each of the pita chips in the bag … I’m not left with a lot of extra pita chips and no dip to enjoy with them.

My Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this snack kit.  I think I probably would have preferred a little something in the hummus dip, since I usually prefer a roasted pepper or a garlic flavored hummus as opposed to the plain or traditional hummus.  This is good, but, I think that a roasted pepper or garlic flavored hummus would have been even better.  Good, but not awesomely great.

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