Catching Up with Knoshbox!

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Knoshy
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In my slackage … I’ve neglected to write about the last two Knoshbox boxes that I received:  February and March!


February’s “Love Box”

The “theme” for February’s box appeared to be “Love”.  Included in the box was a bag of pasta from Sfoglini Pasta Shop, A pouch of sun-dried tomatoes from California Harvest (pasta and sun-dried tomatoes tossed with a butter-garlic sauce sounds like the makings for a yummy, romantic dinner), a bag of biscotti from Two Cousins Biscotti, a chocolate bar from Great Bean (because what says love better than chocolate?), and a florentine cookie from Clarine’s Florentines.  Unfortunately, the cookie from Clarine’s arrived broken, but, it still tasted yummy.  I’ve previously reviewed this cookie from another tasting box that I received some time ago, and it’s just as yummy as I remember it being!


March’s “Breakfast Box”

March’s box is the “Breakfast Box.”  This box was somewhat disappointing for me … because … well, I don’t drink coffee.  I used to drink coffee every work day.  I didn’t drink coffee much at home, but, every day on the way to work, I’d stop at the local coffee house and pick up a coffee.  And every day at work, around 11 am, I’d start to feel queasy.  It took a while for me to realize that the reason for my nausea was the coffee.  I stopped drinking coffee, switched to tea, and I haven’t had that problem since.  Coffee was the culprit.

And in this Breakfast Knoshbox, ther is a 10 ounce bag of Dark Roasted, Whole Bean Coffee from Dave’s Coffee.  Black Crow coffee to be exact.  But I have no use for this. I am a “tea-totaler” (hehe!) So … like I said, disappointment.  However, I might give this coffee away on this blog (I’m waiting to hear back from a friend first to see if she wants it.  If she does, no giveaway.  If she doesn’t, giveaway!)

But, the rest of the box has some promise.  There were two small bottles of maple syrup from Crown Maple Syrup.  I’ve tried maple syrup from this company before, so I won’t be writing about it again. But I’m certainly happy to be enjoying it again!  And interestingly enough … the syrup I tried previously was the “medium” syrup, and in this box, I received the light and the dark … so it is a little different!

Also in this box is a blueberry almond granola snack from Awesome Bars and a cup of cereal from Vigilant Eats.  I devoured the cereal already … and it was pretty tasty.  The flavor was “Goji-Cacao” and mixed in with the rolled oats and hemp flour was lots of dried goji berries and cacao nibs!  The nibs added a very pleasing crunch to the cereal, and the goji berries really brightened the experience.  It was all organic, and I loved that it contained hemp flour!  It was really quite tasty, something I’d eat again if given the opportunity, however, at $30 for a case of 6 cups … I don’t think I’ll be ordering it.  That’s a bit out of my budget for a cup of cereal!

Both boxes were … for the most part … a wonderful surprise.  I wasn’t thrilled about the coffee … but hopefully the beans will find a better home soon!

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