My Love with Food Box has arrived!

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Love with Food
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Yeah, yeah, I’m still really behind!  This is my March Love with Food box article … sorry for the delay!

My March Love with Foodlovewithfood box went on a little detour!  I received the message that my box had been shipped, and I waited patiently for the expected arrival date … but when that day came and went and the box did not arrive, I figured something had delayed it, so I’d wait until the next day.  The next day came and went … and another … and still no box! I started to get worried.  I checked the tracking to see what the hold up might be … and it said that my box had been delivered!  Huh?!?

I contacted customer service and they were prompt in replying to me, and I got a replacement box delivered to me.  And I’m really glad that I didn’t miss out on this box, because it’s amazing!

This month’s theme is “Classics with a Twist.”  And there were EIGHT delightful goodies tucked inside the box:  Wild Berry Flat Fruit from Wacky Apple, Chocolate Covered Wasabi Peas from ChocWasabi, Fruit & Veggie Juice from Kids go, Crackers from Mary’s Gone Crackers, and Acai Green Tea from Revolution Tea!  (Yes, I said tea!)

Yeah, I know that’s only five.  There were two items that I already quickly consumed:  a Dark Chocolate Orange Good Fortune Cookie from Emily’s Chocolates (the cookie is COVERED in smooth, rich, sweet dark chocolate that has just a hint of orange-y deliciousness.  Every Chinese restaurant should change up their fortune cookies to these delightful confections!) and Salted Caramel Baked Corn from Cosmos Creations (Oh my goodness, seriously, the best caramel corn EVER! Each morsel is more like a piece of candy than a piece of popcorn.  They are coated with caramel and then baked to create a crackly, delightful, delicious treat.  These are a definite re-order!) and finally, the Granola from Ola! Foods (I was less than impressed with this granola.  It’s tasty … but it just lacked some of the oomph! that I get from other granola offerings.  I had high expectations for this too, if for no other reason than it’s from “Ola!” foods, and Ola is the name of my beloved gramma!  Silly reason, I know, but, every time I hear the name Ola, I have a smile on my face.)

Watch this blog for reviews on some of these tasty goodies!

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