Freckle Face Strawberry Flavored Dried Cranberries from Funny Face

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Love with Food, Product Review
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???????????????????????????????Product Description:

Hey there!  The gang thinks I’m the sweetest fruit in the bunch but these cranberries will charm your sweet tooth not damage it!  And as if you weren’t already excited – our treats pack in 5 times more fiber than traditional dried cranberry snacks!

I received a pouch of these dried cranberries in my February Love With Food Box.

Tea Suggestion:

To be honest, I wasn’t all that thrilled with these snacks, so the tea that I’d suggest with this one is one that will help you wash the taste of these snacks off the palate!  Something clean and refreshing, like this Southern Mint Herbal Tea from Revolution Tea.  The minty taste helped revive my taste buds.

What I think:

I love dried cranberries.  I try to keep them on hand in my pantry, because they’re so versatile.  I prefer them over raisins … I used to like raisins until I had a most unfortunate experience finding something that I just shouldn’t have found in a box of raisins … now, I find raisins kind of repulsive and only get them when a recipe calls for them and I don’t think that dried cranberries will work as a suitable substitute.

That said, I’m not loving these dried cranberries from Funny Face.  They are kind of “oily” and they don’t taste really like cranberries, nor do they taste like strawberries.  At least not like true-to-the-fruit strawberry … they have kind of a funky, artificial taste to them that I’m not really enjoying.  I don’t like the oily texture, it kind of … well, I’m going to liken it to eating a strawberry flavored chapstick … it’s kind of waxy and oily and just … gross.  I wouldn’t take a bite out of chapstick, and I’m not able to finish this pouch of snacks.

My Final Thoughts: 

Not good.  Won’t buy them again.  Wouldn’t recommend them to anyone unless I was specifically asked “Hey, I’m looking for something that tastes like strawberry flavored chapstick … do you know of anything that might fill the bill?”  Only then would I recommend these.

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