Product Description:

Toffee Break Dark Chocolate Jer’s Squares are crafted with buttery rich toffee bits mixed with all natural Valencia peanut butter covered in premium dark chocolate.

I received a package of Jer’s Squares Toffee in my February Love with Food box.

Tea Suggestion:

I think that these squares could go with just about any tea, but I wanted to choose a pure tea – that is, an unflavored tea – so that the flavors of the tea wouldn’t attempt to compete with the delicious flavors of dark chocolate, peanut butter and toffee because that’s what I wanted to taste!  Instead, I chose a tea that would complement the flavors of the Jer’s Square … I chose Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan Black Tea From Verdant Tea … and what a delightful pairing it was!  The rich tea with it’s hints of spice and unique complexity brought the flavors of the square into focus, while the chocolate seemed to enhance the spice notes and bring forward some of the underlying layers of the tea.

What I Think:


The rich dark chocolate is a thin shell of chocolate, just enough to give it a delicious, chocolate-y taste, but not so much that it overpowers the flavors locked inside the shell.

Peanut butter!  Creamy, delicious peanut butter and tiny bits of buttery toffee.  Crunchy little bits, and a smooth creamy peanut butter filling.  I think the peanut butter is a really interesting and compelling component in these delicious squares – I don’t think I’ve ever tasted toffee and peanut butter together before … but I like it!

My Final Thoughts:

Delicious!  But then, I’m not surprised … it’s chocolate!  It’s peanut butter with chocolate!  And it’s TOFFEE with chocolate!  I mean, come on … seriously?  What’s not to love?  A perfect treat – goes so nicely with my tea!

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