Berry Cassis flavored Cascal Soda

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Goodies Co., Product Review


Product Description:

Bubbly and refreshing, this natural soft drink is uniquely robust with bright notes of black current, tangerine and lemon. Created with the input of professional chefs, this soda’s complexity makes it delightful chilled on its own or paired with food.

I received a can of this soda in my January Goodies Box.

What I Think:

I’m not one to drink soda on a regular basis.  In fact, it’s really a rare occasion when I indulge in a soda, I am usually drinking tea.  (Not a big surprise there, right?)  So, when I receive sodas in my tasting boxes, I sometimes end up stashing them in the fridge and forgetting about them … such is the case with this Berry Cassis soda from Cascal.

However, my iced tea is still chilling … and I wanted something cool to drink and I’ve been drinking water all day, so I decided to reach for this and give it a try.

A quick glance at the ingredients:

Contains:  Sparkling Water, White Grape and Black Currant and Tangerine and Lemon Juices from Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Concentrated Fermented Cherry Juice and Rebiana (Stevia Extract).

Well, I’m glad that this has stevia rather than aspartame (otherwise, I couldn’t drink it because I’m allergic to aspartame!)  And I can say that I’m not noticing any of the occasional weird taste I get from stevia here.  This tastes like it was possibly sweetened with sugar … although it wasn’t heavily sweetened at all – allowing the natural sweetness of the fruit juices to come through.

What I like best about this soda is that it doesn’t taste overly sweet – it’s not like a thick, syrupy soda.   It has a very light and crisp taste, and it tastes a little bit like wine … which I attribute to the fermentation as well as the black currant.  Not bad.

My Final Thoughts:

It’s a pleasant enough soda, but I don’t know that this is something that I’d want to drink again.  I’m enjoying it, I’ll finish the can, but, will I buy it again?  Probably not.  I’m not big on soda anyway, and I’m really not that big on wine, so drinking a soda that tastes a little bit like wine is not all that appealing to me.  I do like that it’s not as sweet and cloying as a typical soda … but it’s still a soda and I’d rather be sipping iced tea.

  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s VERY rare if I drink a carbonated beverage as well but I will try a natural one – once in a blue moon. I enjoyed hearing about this one! Neat!

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