My August Goodies Box arrived!

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Goodies Co.
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And it actually … not only arrived IN AUGUST … but it also arrived BEFORE my Knoshbox which was quite remarkable, especially since when the Goodies Box started last year, the box was more often than not arriving a few days into the month following the month it was actually intended to be for.  I’m glad to say that Goodies Co. finally has it running smoothly!  Hooray – or should I say Goodie – for them!


This month, we received six goodies.  The goodies are getting smaller in these boxes … which I guess is acceptable since this is supposed to be a sampler box and since it does only cost $7 a month!  I don’t mind, really, because it’s still a great opportunity to sample some treats that I might not otherwise try for a really affordable price.

In August’s Goodie Box was a small package of Sour Wild Berry Tangy Zangy Twisties which are tiny, sour gummy like candies that are like the size and shape of a small tootsie roll.  I’m not in to sour gummy candy, so I gave the package to my 12 year old daughter to try and she gave these candies an enthusiastic thumbs up.  She tried them, said these aren’t very sour at all and that they were really good.  Then she asked if she could have the rest of them.  So, I guess she liked them!

The first thing I reached for from this box was a sample bag of Hidden Valley Ranch flavored Sunflower Seeds from Bigs.  These are tasty … I can taste the ranch flavoring, and it adds a nice savory taste to the salty seeds.  An enjoyable snack.

I also found a bottle of Bright Alō Light Aloe Vera Juice, A bag of Veggie Sticks from The Daily Crave, Sea Salt & Butter flavored Poplets, and a Cool Café Blues Liquid Coffee Brewstick  from Pronto!

I won’t be trying the Coffee Brewstick because … I don’t drink coffee.  Coffee is evil.  (Sorry if I’ve offended any coffee drinkers out there.)  Coffee does all sorts of mean, horrible things to me after I drink it, and I’m better off with tea.  But I’ll pass the brewstick along to a friend so it doesn’t get wasted!

The other items, other than the coffee and the candy … I’ll be writing up  separate reviews for at some point in the near future!  I hope you’ll watch for them!

  1. Margaret Chase says:

    You, my friend, are far easier to please than I. Sea Salt & Butter flavored Poplets seem to be the un-popped leftovers in the bottom of a bowl of popcorn. All I can say about Hidden Valley Ranch flavored Sunflower Seeds from Bigs is the only thing “big” was the seed hull. You were right to give away the coffee…. I am a coffee drinker and there is no way I would ever spend money for the brewstick. There are many juices that are healthy that taste far better than Bright Alō Light Aloe Vera Juice. This was my first Goodies box and if the next one isn’t filled with items that make me want to go out and buy them, I will be canceling my membership.

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