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Herbs are a perfect accompaniment to cheese. This delicious recipe combines feta cheese with rosemary, basil, and black pepper for a flavor that perfectly complements our hummus popped chip.

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Tea Suggestion:

These make a great snack with any kind of tea, really, but I chose this First Flush Black Tea from Teatulia.  It’s a flavorful tea, and I liked the way the sweetness of the tea brought out some of the savory qualities of the cheese and herbs.  A really tasty combination.

What I Think:

I found these popped hummus chips in single sized serving bags at my local Subway.  Just about everything about this product enticed me:  popped hummus chips … yum!  Feta and herb … YUM!  I also liked that there are no artificial flavors or colors, and because they’re popped chips instead of fried … that means less fat too.

These are really tasty!  They have a zesty flavor to them.  I can taste the tangy feta cheese and I can taste notes of rosemary, pepper and basil, as well as a hint of onion and possibly garlic.  They are very flavorful.  And they have a very satisfying crunch too.  They are a delicious, salty snack chip that doesn’t taste or feel greasy, and that’s a plus.

My Final Thoughts:

Two thumbs up for these.  I like that they aren’t greasy like a potato chip, but they have all the other qualities of a snack chip that I look for.  They’re crunchy and salty and have a really tasty, savory flavor.

Where to Buy:  Botanical Bakery from Foodzie

Price:  $5.99 for a 3.5 ounce package

Product Description: 

A Love Story. Sure they are an unlikely pair, but some of the most glorious pairings began as duos that seemed at first glance… unexpected. These two have a lot in common, including antioxidants. But beneath these qualities, the basil embraces your palate, then the cinnamon slowly sets in with passion. Swaying back and forth. Cinnamon and basil. Basil and cinnamon.

What I Think:

My package arrived somewhat crushed, with most of the shorties in crumbs.  But, that aside, these are pretty tasty (and the crumbs are still edible!)  I was a little unsure about the combination of basil and cinnamon – it seemed an unusual combination, but, I also must say that was part of the allure of them.

The basil flavor is very delicate but it develops as I continue to munch on these.  Perhaps the buttery shortbread overwhelms the basil a bit.  The cinnamon is sweet and gently warm.  The trio of flavors – cinnamon, basil and shortbread – make for a very unique and delicious taste combination.  It’s rich, sweet, a little earthy, a little savory and a little (very little) spicy.

The texture is the same as in the other shortie shortbread cookies that I’ve tried from Botanical Bakery.  My daughter tried one and said it feels a bit like sand in her mouth – and I get that.  It has a dry, flaky texture that sort of crumbles at the slightest pressure.  It then melts in the mouth with the buttery flavor.

My Final Thoughts:

Like the two I’ve tried before this, I really love these “shorties” shortbread cookies.  I like the combination of basil and cinnamon and I’m glad that someone thought of it because they compliment each other very well.  These rate very high on the YUM scale!