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Yay!  The day that my Knoshbox arrives in my mailbox is one of the happiest mail days of them all!  I know that my posts about the Knoshbox arrival are always very excited and happy, but there’s a good reason for that.

???????????????????????????????You see, once upon a time, there was a company called Foodzie.  And I would get a box from them every month, in fact, that was my very first subscription box.  But then Foodzie got bought out by another company, and over the course of the last year or so, it would seem that the company that bought out Foodzie has been slowly phasing out the food offerings in their company and focusing more on fashion and makeup and fitness.

I used to miss Foodzie a lot, but, then I discovered Knoshbox.  And thanks to Knoshbox, I now barely think about Foodzie at all … and that’s because Knoshbox has managed to fill the void that was left by Foodzie’s departure.  I’m seldom disappointed by a box from Knoshbox, and the one time I foresaw that I wouldn’t really be in to a box (a coffee themed box), I was able to write to them and ask them to instead send me another of the box from the previous month.  Now, I’m not saying that they’ll do that every time, I just happened to get lucky.

And a note to Knoshbox, if you’re reading this … please … please do a Tea box.  You did a coffee themed box.  I want a tea time box.  I’ll even help you choose out teas for it if you want.  haha!


This Month’s Product Card

The reason Knoshbox has managed to fill that void is because Knoshbox … quite simply … ROCKS!  Yeah, the box is a little higher in price than some other subscriptions, but, I think that it’s well worth it, because I get exposed to some products that I might not otherwise have been introduced to, and these are high quality, gourmet goodies!

Another great thing about Knoshbox is that there’s usually a theme to the box!  This month’s theme is Bourbon and Beer.  And I haven’t tried any of these products (BONUS POINTS FOR KNOSHBOX!)  Here’s what is in this month’s box:  Bourbon Wondermade Marshmallows, a “Brewer’s Bar” from Granola Lab, a bottle of Nobel Maple Syrup, A box of Alehouse Cheddar Crackers from Castleton, and finally, a pouch of “Old Salties” beer nuts from Ovenly.

I can’t wait to start tasting these yummy looking treats!

What Makes Their Marshmallows Special:

All of our puffs are hand-crafted in small batches using local, all-natural and real foods.  Each of our hand-cut marshmallows has a different texture, density and aroma.  Take a moment to smell the puff before biting into it.  Then enjoy the different notes.  We suggest sampling all the flavors both as they come and lightly toasted.

Learn more about 240Sweet on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

I wanted something malty and rich to enjoy with these marshmallows, so I selected this Assam tea from Steven Smith Teamaker.  The malty flavors of the Assam tea brought out some of the malty tones in the Marshmallows.

What I Think:

This has to be the most unusual flavored marshmallow I’ve yet to come across.  At least, from my perspective, it is unusual.  It’s even unusual that I would be trying it, because beer is not something I drink.  I don’t like beer, I’ve never really cared for the stuff.  But, something about a beer infused marshmallow intrigues me just a little bit.

From the outside, this looks like most handcrafted marshmallows – it’s big and fluffy, and slightly off-white in color.  I can smell the beer, but it isn’t a terribly strong scent.

The flavor of the beer in the marshmallow is – thankfully – mild.  Oh, it’s definitely discernible.  But, it doesn’t taste as though I just took a big swig of beer.  It tastes like marshmallow, first and foremost, with a hint of beer mingling with the sweet flavor of the confection.

This was also a marshmallow that I felt I had to experience toasted, and since I don’t have the grill fired up and I don’t have the fireplace going … and I’m not camping, I utilized technology and used the broiler on my oven to toast one of these puffs.  The heat adds an interesting element to the marshmallow, obviously, it makes it creamier, but I also noticed that the caramelized, crispy edges of the marshmallow had a malty beer taste that I hadn’t noticed in the non-roasted puff.

My Final Thoughts:

I am not a fan of beer, as I’ve mentioned, but, I AM a fan of these Draft Beer flavored Marshmallows!   I am really glad that I got the opportunity to try these!

Where to Buy:  Liddabit Sweets on Foodzie

Product Description:

Sea Salt Caramels:One of our customers’ favorites. We nearly always sell out of these delightful treats, made with fresh local cream and embellished with just the right amount of fine sea salt. Gluten free.

Beer & Pretzel Caramels: These have a cult following all their own. Brooklyn Brewery’s Brown Ale and East India Pale Ale, reduced and stirred into our caramel along with crunchy chunks of salty Martin’s pretzels. Our #1 seller and #1 winner-over-of-skeptics.

What I think:

In my February Foodzie Tasting Box, I received two caramels from Liddabit:  a Beer & Pretzel Caramel and a Sea Salt Caramel.

Beer & Pretzel Caramel from Liddabit Sweets

The Beer & Pretzel Caramel certainly is an unexpected flavor for a caramel – but I’ve been known to love the unusual!  These are amazing!  There is just enough crunch from the pretzel to provide some texture to the otherwise smooth and creamy caramel, the salt from the pretzel cuts through some of the sweetness of the caramel.

Well, I have to admit that I’m not a big beer drinker – as in… I don’t drink it!  Tea is my thing.  But, I like the flavor from the beer here.  It lends a malty flavor and a richness to this caramel.  It’s really quite amazing.

Sea Salt Caramels from Liddabit Sweets

I LOVE salted caramel.  I first discovered salted caramel about five years ago when I visited a small gift shop that sold Fran’s Chocolates.  Their dark chocolate covered grey salt caramels are absolutely to die for.  Since that time, I’ve embraced the combination of sweet and salty especially when it comes to salty caramel.  The salt cuts through the sweetness just enough so that the caramel does not come across as too sickeningly sweet.  The downfall to this is that then, you feel like you can eat more than just one caramel!

This sea salt caramel from Liddabit is one of the best salted caramels I’ve tasted.  The caramel is sweet and rich with a deep caramel flavor, and the salt is just right – it doesn’t come off as salty, and I like that I can feel the texture of the salt within the caramel.

My final thoughts: 

My only complaint about these amazing caramels?  There were only two caramels (one of each flavor) in my Tasting Box!  And now they’re gone!