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Product Description:

This jam is bright and fruity, a burst of tart-and-sweet classic raspberry flavors with floral violet tones. We use fresh organic raspberries from Yerena Farm and prepare the jam in a way that retains the raspberries’ fresh flavor.

Learn more about Inna Jam on their website.

Tea Suggestion:

I recommend a robust black tea to serve with this jam (although, I think it would be tasty with just about any tea, really!) like this Thirsty Elf Elixir from Damn Fine Tea.  The strong flavors, smoky undertones, and caramel-y sweetness compliment the true fruit flavor of this jam quite nicely.

What I Think:

I typically do not purchase raspberry jam.  It isn’t that I dislike raspberries, in fact, I love them (raspberry + chocolate = one of my favorite all-time flavor combinations).  But what I don’t love is the seeds of raspberries, which seem to get lodged in between the teeth.  And it would seem that with raspberry jam the seeds are very abundant.

Having said that:  this is seriously good jam.

For the purposes of this review, I toasted a slice of 8-grain bread, and topped it lightly with butter, and then spread a generous amount of jam on top.

The raspberry tastes very fresh and bright, and it reminds me of the jam my gramma used to make – she didn’t make raspberry jam, she made ollaberry jam (which is kind of cool since her name was Ola) – but, what makes this jam similar to gramma’s ollaberry jam is the fresh, true-to-fruit flavor.  Very vibrant and flavorful, without being too sweet.

It tastes like fresh, sweet-yet-tart raspberries.  And as I eluded to above, there seems to be very little sugar or other sweeteners added to this.  Yes, it is sweet, but, it tastes like a fruit sweetness, not a sugary sweet sweetness.

It is as if the berries were picked at the peak of freshness and then processed into jam promptly to preserve that fresh, naturally sweet flavor of the berry.  This jam is a celebration of fresh berry flavor, not sugar.

And a bonus:  the seeds are not problem.  Yes, they are there, but they aren’t as course or hard as I’ve experienced with other raspberry jams.  The seeds are soft and they aren’t getting uncomfortably lodged in between my teeth.  I don’t know if that has anything to do with the way the jam has been processed or if it has to do with the actual type of raspberries used in this jam.  I just know that I’m not needing to run to the bathroom to floss my teeth after eating a piece of toast, and I’m very pleased about that.

My Final Thoughts:

This is, without a doubt, the best raspberry jam I’ve ever tasted.  It tastes fresh and flavorful and I’m not having to fish out raspberry seeds from between my teeth.

This afternoon, I arrived home to find my Foodzie Box waiting for me.  I had put my subscription on pause for the month of January, so I actually received this Breakfast in Bed box by mistake, but, I am still quite happy with the contents, so I’m not complaining.  Despite my previous complaints about the changes made with the Foodzie Tasting Box, one thing this company has got going for them that has kept me with them is an exceptional customer service department.  They allowed me to keep the box, which is very cool of them.

As I said, the theme of this box is “Breakfast in Bed,” and just as the name implies, it includes all of the ingredients you need for serving an amazing breakfast in bed!  Tucked inside the extra large box were full-sized packages of Hazelnut Pancake Mix from Freddy Guys Filberts, Polka Raspberry Jam from Inna Jam, and Original Granola from Michele’s Granola.  There were smaller bottles of Bloody Mary Mix from Fat & Juicy, as well as Medium Amber Syrup from Crown Maple Syrup.

Also inside the box were two recipe cards (one for Stuffed French Toast with Brie & Berries, and one for homemade yogurt), and the Theme Card, which explains the inspiration behind “Breakfast in Bed”…

We’re fortunate to live in San Francisco, where even the darkest days of winter are still pretty temperate.  Still it’s not uncommon for mornings to be socked in with fog or rain and gloom.  On those dank days when we don’t feel like facing the chill, we want nothing more than to cozy up with a comforting breakfast.  We’re stocking your pantry with everything you need so you can stay in your pajamas and fuzzy slippers a little longer.  Whip up a stack of hearty, nutty pancakes that are so good they don’t need anything on top — though they won’t suffer from the addition of a rich, aromatic maple syrup.  We found a fresh, crisp granola that you’ll want to eat right out of the bag, and a raspberry jams that beams the summer sun across the months to your table.  And if you needed to stay under the covers maybe a little longer than usual, go ahead and mix up a smoky, spicy bloody mary.  Or two.  If you end up lounging in your peejays all day, your secret is safe with us. 

Well, living in the Pacific Northwest, I can relate to gloomy, rainy mornings.  But, I rarely complain about them, because to tell the truth, I actually love the gray weather.  It is one of the things I am fondest of where we live, I love the cool, crisp weather.  It makes a good, hot cup of tea all the more comforting.  And I’m all about comfort, and it would seem that this box is also about comfort!

I’m really excited to try these goodies, with the possible exception of the Bloody Mary Mix.  I guess that’s mostly because I am not much of a drinker and have never had a Bloody Mary.  But, I’m willing to try it, who knows, I may have found something delicious, and, Bloody Mary mix is essentially tomato juice, right?  If all else fails and I’m not in to the Bloody Mary thing, I guess I could add this to my chili, right?

I might end up ordering the Jump Start the Year box … because there’s TEA in it!  You know, I just may be coming around to embrace the changes made with the Foodzie box!