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Photo from Knoshbox.
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Product Description:

This small New England company from Essex, Massachusetts bakes some of our favorite shortbreads ever. Baked just last week in small batches, these burnt sugar and fennel cookies have delicate notes of licorice with a toffee crunch from the caramelized sugar.

Tea Suggestion:

These shortbread cookies are the IDEAL tea-time treat!  They are SO good with a cup of hot tea (especially black tea, as these cookies are great for dipping, if you’e in to that kind of thing!)  I brewed up a cup of this Organic Ceylon FBOP Black Tea from Kally Tea and … (insert joyful eating noise here).  Yeah.  YUM!

What I Think:

YUM!  These are amazing!

Of course, my expectations were high because I have tried a couple of other cookies from Lark Fine Foods and have loved what I’ve tried.  Plus … just the name of these shortbread cookies:  Burnt Sugar and Fennel.  Seriously … that sounds deliciously sweet and spicy.  And that’s exactly what these cookies are.

The shortbread is crisp and buttery.  The burnt sugar is in little clusters in the cookie, and when the tooth meets these clusters of burnt sugar, a chewy texture is enjoyed.  I really enjoy this contrast.  It is almost like discovering a “raisin” in a crunchy cookie … it’s that kind of chewy contrast to the crispness of the cookie.  But this tastes even better than a raisin because it’s caramel-y.  And caramel is always better than raisins.

The spiciness of these cookies is a really delicious balance to the sweetness from the caramel notes as well as the sweet, buttery cookie base.  It tastes like a zesty licorice-y taste with some warm peppery notes.

My Final Thoughts:

I love these cookies!  I might even like them better than the Salted Rosemary Shortbread from Lark.  Thank you, Knoshbox, for including them in this month’s box!  I want more!